Partners in Leadership Mentee Application

Partners in Leadership Mentee Application
2014-2015 Academic Year
The goal of the “Partners in Leadership” Alumni Mentorship program is to tap into the vast professional
experience of University of Toronto Scarborough alumni to help our fourth-year graduating students transition
from student life to professional life.
Brought to you by the Development & Alumni Relations Office and the Academic Advising & Career Centre,
the upcoming 2014-15 academic year marks the seventh year of “Partners in Leadership”, and we want you to
be a part of it!
Students who participate can expect to:
Acquire insight and advice from experienced and successful alumni
Experience meaningful and ongoing interaction with alumni
Begin to establish a network of professional contacts
Explore options and manage the transition from university to life after graduation
To participate in the program, mentees are required to:
Attend a mentee orientation session in September 2014
Communicate with their Alumni mentor at least once per month via email, telephone or in-person
Participate in various workshops and program events throughout the academic year
Applicant Information:
Contact Information
Full Name:
Student Number:
Email Address:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Expected Grad Date:
Development & Alumni Relations  Academic Advising & Career Centre
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Why are you interested in the Partners in Leadership Program? (Select all that apply):
Build a network of contacts within a particular career field/industry
Receive advice and guidance regarding the transition from university life into the workplace
Acquire help in pursuing post-graduate employment and education opportunities
Learn from the past experiences of UTSC Alumni
Discuss personal and professional successes, challenges and future goals
Other (please specify)
What industry sectors interest you following graduation? (Select your top three):
Arts, Culture & Entertainment
Business Services
Computer Industry (hardware/software)
Real Estate
Food and Beverage
Government Services
Health Care
Information & Culture
Manufacturing (all except computer)
Personal and Recreational Services
□ Primary Industries (e.g., agriculture, fishing,
□ Professional, Scientific & Technical Services
(e.g., consulting, research)
□ Retail Services
□ Social & Community Services
□ Telecommunications
□ Transportation
□ Travel, Tourism & Accommodation
□ Utilities
□ Other (please specify):
Please provide us with one (1) reference we can contact for more information:
Reference Information:
Full Name
(including title):
Email Address:
Phone Number:
Nature of Relationship:
Note: The deadline for applications is Friday, August 15th at 5:00pm.
All applications must include a resume. Completed applications can be submitted to the Academic Advising &
Career Centre (AC213) or by email to Kira Bruschke at [email protected]
Development & Alumni Relations  Academic Advising & Career Centre
Additional Details
Following the application deadline, applicants will be contacted for an interview that will occur in late August.
Successful candidates will be notified of their acceptance to the program 1-2 weeks after the interview. A
mandatory 1 hour program orientation will be held in September; mentor-mentee matches will be announced at
this session. The program launch will occur in late September.
Development & Alumni Relations  Academic Advising & Career Centre