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Biology Lab Report Rubric
Name: _________________________________ Per. _____
Learning Targets Assessed:
INQ.P (Planning) – Describe a procedure to answer a given question for a controlled experiment or field study Score: ________
INQ.C (Conclusion) – Generate a logical conclusion that is based on evidence and explained through scientific reasoning Score: ________
INQ.DCP (Data Collection and Processing) – Construct and interpret graphical displays of data to interpret linear and nonlinear relationships. Score: ________
Level 4
Level 3
Level 2
1. Type of graph (line/scatter, bar, pie) is
Graph is missing some
Graph lacks important
appropriate for best representation of
conventions OR type of
conventions and
graph is inappropriate
display of data is
2. Graph includes correct title, labeled
for the data set OR data
axes, appropriate scale, and key where
is not clearly shown on
the graph.
3. Data is clearly and accurately shown on
the graph. If appropriate, best-fit line is
Procedure includes the following
Procedure includes all
Procedure missing 1
components but 1 or 2
or 2 components, OR
1. Logical steps to do the experiment
components are
procedure lacks logic
2. Three controlled variables
incorrectly identified or
or is unclear
3. One manipulated variable
illogical. OR
4. One responding variable
Procedure includes all
5. How often measurements should be
components but is
taken and recorded
lacking conventions
6. How experiment demonstrates
(numbered list, etc.)
reliability through repeated trials
(sharing and averaging class data)
1. Claim: provides conclusive statement
1. Data interpretation is
1. Data interpretation
for investigative question.
unclear or somewhat
is inaccurate or
2. Evidence: high and low data points
inaccurate. OR
draws an incorrect
2. Scientific explanation
conclusion. OR
3. Reasoning: shows accurate
draws on knowledge
2. Scientific reasoning
interpretation of data.
of biology but is
is unclear or missing
4. Scientific explanation is detailed and
superficial and omits
or shows some
clearly indicates understanding of
some discussion. OR
misconceptions of
relevant biological concepts.
3. Conclusion has missing
biological concepts
5. Conclusion includes discussion of
or superficial
AND sources of error
possible sources of error, where
discussion of sources
are not discussed.
of error.
Level 1
Data is misrepresented on
Missing data
Procedure is
lacking 3 or more
Conclusion is not
complete enough
to show data
interpretation and
CER, OR scientific
reasoning shows
misconceptions of
biological concepts
The following requirements must also be complete to obtain a Level 4:
 Lab report is turned in on time
 Appropriate sections of the report are typed, as requested
 Lab Report Template packet is complete and turned in with typed lab report
Use the checklist on the back of this sheet to make sure you have included everything in your
procedure and conclusion.
 Controlled Variables - At least three controlled variables are identified or implied in the procedure.
 Manipulated Variable - Only one manipulated variable is identified in the procedure.
 Responding Variable - The responding variable is clearly identified in the procedure
 Record Measurements - The procedure states when / to take measurements and explicitly states to record all measurements (phrase
take measurements cannot be used to mean record).
 Trials are Repeated - More than one trial for all conditions is planned to measure responding variable or step is included that
suggests group data will be shared and averaged
 Logical Steps - The steps of the procedure are detailed enough to repeat the procedure effectively
INQ.C (Conclusion)
□ Provides conclusive statement (claim) for investigative questions
□ Provides evidence for “high” data point (group and class data)
□ Provides evidence for “low” data point (group and class data)
□ Provides reasoning that links evidence to claim
□ Provides scientific explanation of diffusion
□ Provides scientific reasoning for why gummy bears increased in mass
o Explains how gummy bear is semi-permeable
o (HONORS ONLY) Explains concept of concentration gradient (differences in concentration)
o Explains role of diffusion in this experiment
o Uses facts about matter to explain increase in mass
□ (REGULAR ONLY) Provides scientific explanation for why gummy bears in 100% water increases in mass more than gummy bears
in 100% corn syrup
□ (HONORS ONLY) Provides scientific explanation for why gummy bears in higher concentrations of water increases in mass more
than those in lower concentrations of water