CERR Model for Science Writing

CERR Model for Science Writing
The claim is a testable statement or conclusion that answers the original
The evidence is the scientific evidence that supports the claim. Evidence must
be both appropriate and sufficient to support the claim. (Does the evidence –
the data—you present support the claim you are making?)
Reasoning is a justification that shows why the data counts as evidence to
support the claim and includes appropriate scientific principles.
When explaining phenomena, there can be more than one possible claim or
explanation. Often the same data can be used to support an alternate claim.
You should learn to recognize alternative explanations. A good answer takes an
alternate explanation into consideration and offers a rebuttal to why an
alternative explanation is not appropriate. In other words, the rebuttal
articulates why an alternative claim is not appropriate. It also gives you another
chance to articulate your reasoning and lets the reader know you know what
you’re talking about!
As you develop as a scientist, your ability to make claims, cite evidence, use reasoning
and offer rebuttals will become more sophisticated. I think this is a very useful tool for
science writing.
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