Matlab modeling of Laser Metal Deposition process trials

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Thesis proposal
Titelförslag/Thesis title
Matlab modeling of Laser Metal Deposition
process trials
Ämnesområde/Business area
Additive manufacturing/simulation
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Spring 2016, 30 credits
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Linda Larsson
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Linda Larsson
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Spring 2016
9005, Technology and strategy planning
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1 December 2015
Om oss/About us
GKN Aerospace is the aerospace operation of GKN plc, serving a global customer base and operating in North America and Europe. With sales of
£2.2 billion in 2014, the business is focused around three major product areas - aerostructures, engine structures and a number of special products
– transparencies, electro-thermal ice protection, fuel and flotation systems, and bullet resistant glass. The business has significant participation on
most major civil and military programmes. GKN Aerospace is a major supplier of integrated composite structures, offers one of the most
comprehensive capabilities in high performance metallics processing and is the world leading supplier of cockpit transparencies and passenger
cabin windows.
Bakgrund till examensarbetet/Background of thesis project
In aerospace industry today Additive Manufacturing (AM) is being developed. AM allows for a more efficient and cost effective manufacturing
process. In conventional manufacturing it is common to start with a large piece where material is removed to produce the desired net shape. With
AM it is possible to instead start with a much smaller piece and add material where it is needed.
In order to use AM on a large scale in the aerospace industry we need a robust process ensuring that the strict safety and reliability requirements
are met.
Uppdragsbeskrivning/Assignment description
At GKN aerospace we have ongoing process development of Laser Metal Deposition which is one form of additive manufacturing. As a part of this
effort several process trials have and will be performed. The main task of this thesis will be to model the process trials in a simple physical model in
Matlab. The model can for example include heat transfer, process control and material properties. The expected result is a physical explanation of
process limitations.
The work will consist of these main steps:
Compile information about performed process trials including process parameters, geometries and process results
Initial models of a selected number of trials
Model improvement and calibration
Result analysis and conclusions
Simple models capturing what has been observed in the process trials
An overview of physics behind process limitations
Master in mechanical engineering, engineering physics or similar
Preferably experience using Matlab or similar.
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