Exercise_Centre_files/Safe back exercises leaflet

Stretching should be performed at the end of a
strengthening session.
Psoas Stretch
Kneel on one knee on the side you wish to stretch. Have a
chair or wall next to you on the side opposite to the hip
you are stretching. Position yourself so that on your
opposite leg your foot is under
and slightly in front of your knee.
Squeeze your buttocks so that
your pelvis tilts backwards until
you feel a light pull in the front of
your thigh. Gently push your
thigh forward until you feel the
stretch lightly increase. Raise your
arm on the side you are
stretching and bend your trunk
away from that hip. Hold for 30
TFL / I.T. Band stretch
Begin in a standing position and then lower one leg
underneath the opposite causing a stretch down the
outside of the lowered leg.
Keep your back upright
without leaning forward.
Hold for 30 seconds and
repeat for the opposite I.T.
Hamstring stretch
Choose either a standing or supine stretch, rotating the
foot inwards or outwards to target each of the hamstring
muscles. Hold for 30 seconds.
Piriformis Stretch
Slowly bring your left knee (and, along with it, your right
ankle) towards your chest. If and when your left knee gets
close enough to your chest, clasp your hands around your
left hamstring
below your left
knee. Use your
hands and your
left hip flexors
to pull your left
knee and right ankle towards your chest even more until
you feel a firm stretch in your right buttocks. Hold for 30
seconds & repeat for the opposite piriformis.
QL stretch
Lying on your back rotate
your legs to one side and
your trunk to the
opposite. Hold for 30
seconds and repeat for
the opposite QL.
A little bit of discomfort with the exercises is ok as hurt
does not necessarily equal harm. If you experience
prolonged discomfort then consult your therapist on your
next appointment.