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Name:___________________ Advisory:_____________ Group:______________
The Illusion of SPACE/Three Figures in Space Drawing Project
Self-Reflection Sheet
DIRECTIONS: Please RAVE your answers to the following questions about your project. Use a separate
sheet if you need more room to write (and don’t forget your name, group, and date above!). See Elements
and Principles guide on back to help with vocabulary. Glue this sheet to the back of your work when
completed and submit together for grading. Please remember to write your name on the front of your
work and your advisory teacher’s name with pencil on the back of your work!
How many figures are in your project?
Explain the different positions your figures are in and how you made them look realistic (did someone
pose for you, and if yes, who? Did you look at a picture as your subject instead, and if yes, did you find it
on the Internet, in a book, a magazine?)?
Referring to your work, explain one or more areas where your use of these Elements and Principles is
evident (for example, what did you do to create a sense of SPACE? Did you use any other Elements and
Principles of Art and Design in your project? Explain.
Compare this project to your non-traditional self-portrait project, and think about the vocabulary and
techniques we have learned this year so far. Are you skills improving? Provide evidence as to why or why
not (what can we see when we compare both works?), and explain.
Did you meet all criteria for the project? What grade would you give yourself for this project?
The Elements and Principles of Art and Design
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