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Property Owners Association July-September, 2012 Community Newsletter Introduction

Hello neighbors! We trust your summer has been fun and enjoyable. With school out, we’re sure the kids are having a great time. Who doesn’t enjoy a family vacation or summer camp? And, don’t we all look forward to visiting with and hosting out of town family and friends? Summer provides all of us some great opportunities and memories. We hope this summer has been special for you and your loved ones. What happened to our rainfall this year? We did appreciate the nice downpour that occurred a few weeks ago. We could use a few more of those downpours though, couldn’t we? In any case, we hope everyone enjoys the rest of the summer. Likewise, we hope you enjoy the newsletter!


The following West Winds residents will celebrate birthdays and/or anniversaries during the next few months. We hope each of you will enjoy your special day. Birthdays Celebrated July 3 – Ginger Molter July 8 – Stacey Steven July 23 – Dan Molter July 28 – Lauren Weaver August 13 – Mike Steven September 16 – James Colwell September 18 – Ron Lug Anniversaries Celebrated July 31 – Ron & Sandy Lug August 7 – Lionel & Rena Jewell August 21 – Jake & Renee Tester August 25 – Dan & Ginger Molter September 4 – Andy & Dani Hamerlinck

Resident Information Form

Would you like to have a birthday or anniversary mentioned in our newsletter? Just complete and return a resident information form and your special day will be included. Need a form? Contact a board member and we’ll get the form to you.

Have a Question?

Have you had a question about something in our neighborhood and wondered who can provide the answer? The West Winds ACC has developed a listing of responsibilities that will point you in the right direction. Please contact the designated board member whenever you need an answer. Responsibility Board Contact Entry Gates/Lights James Colwell Entry Gate Lawns “ Entry Gate Sprinkler System “ Lot/Yard Maintenance Dan Molter Boat Ramp “ Newsletter “ West Winds Website Ron Lug Vehicles/Boats/Trailers “ Streets/Traffic “ Community Directory “ Burn Permits/Signs “ Construction David Moon Contractors “ Animals/Pets “ Telephone numbers for board members are included in the next section of the newsletter. You can also contact a

board member through our website at www.westwindshs.info

. or send an email to us at [email protected]

Board of Directors

The West Winds Property Owners Association Board of Directors meets on the first Tuesday of each month in order to discuss and address business items. If there is an issue which you’d like to bring to the board’s attention, please go to our website at www.westwindshs.info

. and click on the Contact Us link. Provide the details and we’ll address your concern at our next meeting. Members of the West Winds Board of Directors include: Name Telephone Ron Lug 767-3554 James Colwell 767-7714 David Moon 760-4959 Dan Molter 318-3094

Keep in mind…

-Specific vehicles including boats, trailers and motorcycles must be parked in an enclosed garage or within a fence and not visible from the street. A complete listing of restricted vehicles is provided in Part A.17 of your Bill of Assurance.

-Drive slowly! The speed limit in West Winds is 20 mph and is clearly posted. Remember that children may be playing. Be particularly careful near the hill at the intersection of Chinook Drive and Ives Drive. Parents should remind children to be careful whenever they play in the street. -New construction, outside additions, fences, awnings and storage units must be first approved by the West Winds Architectural Control Committee. -Be responsible for the family dog. The neighbors shouldn’t need to be concerned about walking in their own yard after your dog has visited. Be sure to take a plastic bag if you’re out walking with your pooch. -All of us should try to keep our neighborhood clean and litter free. Your efforts help make West Winds an attractive place to live.

Board Vacancies Community Meeting

Our annual midyear property owner’s meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 30. All West Winds property owners are invited to attend the meeting. The meeting will provide a review of the first six months of 2012 as well as a look at the issues we’ll be considering during the next six months. Our financial statement and treasurer’s report will also be provided. And, we’ll be happy to answer questions or address any concerns you may have. The July 30 meeting will begin at 7:00pm at the home of Dan and Ginger Molter, 165 Westwinds Drive. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting. All residents are encouraged to participate in West Winds business matters. Are you interested in serving on the board? Contact a board member and we’ll provide you with information about serving the West Winds community.

West Winds Website

The West Winds community has a dedicated website at www.westwindshs.info.

The website provides minutes from previous community meetings, financial information, future meeting dates, and community events. The website is also an effective means of communicating with your board of directors. A Forms/Permits link has been added to the website and should be helpful to residents. See what you think!

Email Address

One of the fastest and most effective ways to communicate is through email. With that in mind, we’ve opened an email address for board communications. Residents are encouraged to email us at [email protected]

activities and business matters. anytime you have a question. And, keep us posted of any changes in your email address. That way, we’ll be able to keep you up to date on all West Winds

Construction Projects

Have you been thinking about adding on to your

home? Remember, the West Winds Bill of Assurance requires that all new construction be approved prior to the start of the job. The requirements are straightforward and sensible. Take a few minutes and review Part B of the Bill of Assurance if you’re planning any kind of construction. A construction permit is required

You Can Help

and must be approved prior to beginning your project. The permit is available on the West Winds website at www.westwindshs.info

under the Permits/Forms link. Working with the Architectural Control Committee will ensure that your project will be approved and that you don’t construct something that will later need to be tweaked or removed.

Entry Gates/Fence Painting

You may have noticed that sections of our wrought iron entry gates and fences are beginning to rust and fade. We recently put a fence repair project out to bid. A vendor has been selected and repairs will begin in the near future. The gates and fences will be power washed, sanded as needed and repainted. We expect this project will keep our entry gates and fences in good condition for several more years. hours and should be off by 8:00am. Contact a board member anytime you see something out of the ordinary. With your help, we can address minor problems and hopefully avoid something becoming a major problem.

Boat Ramp Placards

Do you occasionally use the West Winds boat ramp? Whether boating, fishing or picnicking, your outing needn’t be interrupted by someone questioning you’re right to use the boat ramp area. If you are a West Winds resident, the boat ramp is available for your use. With that in mind, we have developed a placard for boat ramp usage. The placard will hang from your vehicle’s rear view Things in West Winds usually go smoothly and without incident. Occasionally though, something goes wrong. It could be as simple as a burned out light that needs to be replaced or an entry gate that is stuck open. Or, as has occurred a few times, our entry gate sprinkler systems may malfunction and remain turned on. The sprinklers are supposed to run during the early morning mirror and identifies you as a West Winds resident.

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If you think you might use the boat ramp, contact a board member and request your placard. Placards will be distributed beginning

Wednesday, August 8.

Your initial placard will be valid through December 31, 2013. Thereafter, placards must be renewed on an annual basis.

Welcome, Neighbors!

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to our new West Winds neighbors, Glen and Freda Barber. Glen and Freda reside at 115 Moriah Way. They retired recently and moved to West Winds from Hilton Head, South Carolina. Glen and Freda are originally from Arkansas and the move here brings them closer to family members who live in Hot Springs and Searcy. We hope Glen and Freda are enjoying their new home and neighborhood. Welcome to West Winds!

Neighborhood Spotlight

AJ and Mary Lou Meredith AJ and Mary Lou Meredith are lifelong residents of Arkansas. Prior to moving to West Winds, they

lived off of Majestic Lodge in Hot Springs. They were looking to downsize and decided to purchase a lot and build a home in West Winds. AJ and Mary Lou moved to West Winds in November of 2007. Although the downsizing didn’t work out quite as planned, AJ and Mary Lou indicate they love the extra space their home offers. Both AJ and Mary Lou had long working careers prior to retiring. AJ worked for thirty two years at Frito-Lay and Mary Lou worked for thirty three years at the Arkansas Department of Health. They will celebrate their 51 grandchildren. They love to visit st anniversary this November. They have two children. Their son lives in Jackson, Mississippi and their daughter lives in Benton. AJ and Mary Lou also have three AJ and Mary Lou enjoy attending sports events, particularly high school and college athletics. their children and grandchildren. Mary Lou is a member of the Extension Home Makers Club and does volunteer work. AJ and Mary Lou…we’re glad to have you as our neighbors!