HTC Court Expansion update - May 7, 2015

Court Expansion Update 5/7/2015: Phase 1 cut-off is coming soon!!!
This is a good time to remind all of you to consider donating to the HTC Court
Expansion Project. We all know we are 100% utilized in the evenings, but with USTA leagues
that play during the day along with HWTA Round Robins on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the
regular men's groups that have standing court times, courts are becoming hard to get during
the day. With more courts, scheduled league rounds will not have to be reduced and still be
able to finish leagues on time.
Remember: Just like in tennis where every game counts, in this fund-raiser every dollar
counts. All donations are tax deductible and there are donor recognitions at different levels
of donation.
Met with City Officials:
Project manager assigned
Should-Cost estimation underway – estimated time to complete = 3 weeks
City has Phase 1 court expansion in their budget planning for 2016
Will meet after the cost estimate to finalize a memorandum of understanding between
city and HTC board
Current Donation Status
=$169,900 (includes HTC matching funds)
Phase 1 goal is $250,000
Video display frequently updated shows status
We need more significant level donations to make the goal by June 15th
Plans to implement LED lighting upgrades on one court to verify improvement
Common questions asked concerning Expansion
Q. Why doesn’t city fund all costs, we pay the taxes? A. There are lots of requests for city
funding of recreational facilities. Their feeling is that if the affected community is not willing to
support the project, it must not be that important. The expansion of the ice complex is in the
same situation as HTC but ahead in development.
Q. How does the city support HTC? A. The city provides a HTC operations subsidy of about
$200,000 per year. They pay all our utility bills (lighting costs about $44,000/year). HTC tries
to break even annually. Some years it is a small loss and some a small gain.
Q. Do tournaments make money? A. No, HTC tries to break even on tournaments but usually it
is a $ operations loss. However, this is the only way the city gets an economic benefit. With 40
soft courts we should provide about $2M annual economic benefit for city businesses.
!!!!! Save the Date ---- Monday June 1st 11am – 11pm !!!!!
Mellow Mushroom on Cecil Ashburn will donate 10% of ALL receipts to HTC Court Expansion.
Tennis Players and Supporters Come Out and Eat and support HTC Court Expansion!