Biology:Applied 2014 - Burnham House Veterinary Surgery

Biology:Applied 2014
A course for A-Level Biology students that allows them to
explore the world of biology outside of the school curriculum
At Burnham House Veterinary Surgery we spend a lot of time helping young people of all ages
with animal care and biology related issues. The staff and I feel we would like to offer a course
to the brightest biology students to complement the course work of sixth form. To that end we
have devised a course aimed at exposing them to biology in a way that is both tangible and
informative. This is the 10th year that we have offered the course.
We hope that a Tuesday afternoon session from 4.30 to 6.30pm every week from 4th February
until Easter will be of interest to some of your students. The course is directed towards
students planning to explore careers in human and veterinary medicine, or other applied
biological subjects; and we aim to provide an environment where students can learn from
applying their existing knowledge. The course will be very hands on, and will include topics
such as:
Bacteria and antibiotics- a practical session.
Conservation (and its problems) and the importance of genetics.
Osteology (bone morphology): Bones and why they are funny shapes?
Blood cells of Birds and Mammals.
Cardiopulmonary system: How does it work?
Parasites: Bloodsuckers, gut munchers and mind control!
Flight: Fat birds fly better than thin mammals - why?
A nominal charge of £1.00 per session will be made, and students who attend regularly will be
invited to the final session in April, which will be an unusual field trip! The exact curriculum will
be decided by the selected students at the first session; after all it’s their course.
We can only take a few committed students, as the sessions will revolve around handling real
specimens, informal directed discovery around a table or on a field visit. The practice is used to
having young adult visitors, and has the necessary procedures and insurance in place for such
a course. We appreciate the huge burden on your teaching staff and see this as a way of
providing a practical, enlightening, diverse view of natural science.
I enclose a couple of application forms (please photocopy if more are needed). I would be
grateful if your students could complete and return them as soon as possible to Fay Millar
RVN, Burnham House Veterinary Surgery, 35 Castle Street, Dover, Kent, CT16 1PT; or by email
to [email protected] Applications must be returned by Monday 20th January.
Many thanks,
Jeremy Stattersfield MA VetMB MRCVS
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