Certificate of University Preparation (Level 4) - Waitakere

Certificate of University Preparation (Level 4, 60 credits)
This programme is made up of four courses (15 credits each).
Communication Skills
Study Skills
These two courses are designed to prepare students for the variety of academic skills
required at university level. The content focuses on how to read and write for academic
purposes. The student will learn to decipher or unpack mixed media texts, apply critical
thinking skills, and formulate the information in a logical and coherent manner. Research
skills, development of writing, studying for exams and critical thinking will be applied to a
number of assessment types (text analysis, essays, reports, presentations) with the aim of
preparing them for university. Topics to be covered include the following:
Developing academic learning skills: critical thinking, questioning, listening, writing,
reading and note-making.
Identifying learning preferences and effective individual and group learning
strategies, including managing time effectively.
Using research support facilities of libraries.
Developing skills for oral presentations.
Identification of support services and understanding the University environment.
Formal Writing
Knowledge and comprehension strategies
Academic genres
The writing process and using sourced material
Bridging the Social Sciences
This paper has been designed to introduce students to the concepts, methods and scope of
the social sciences and to develop awareness of contemporary social issues in
Aotearoa/New Zealand and in global contexts. Students will gain an understanding of the
underlying philosophies and values of the social sciences, as well as those of science and
knowledge more generally. It will provide an introduction to various social science
disciplines by understanding how they emerged, how they reason and their potential roles
in public life.
Various social science methods will be explored and unpacked using social scientific
approaches to New Zealand society and other societies.
Topics include:
 Introducing the social sciences
 Sociology
 Anthropology
 History as a social science
 Political science
 Psychology
 Media Studies
 Linguistics and Communications
 Globalization
 Identity
 Religion and Ritual
Bridging the Biological Sciences
Students who have already successfully completed Biology at NCEA Level 3 cannot enrol in
this course as this has the same content.
This paper introduces a broad range of topics in the biological sciences. Topics include:
the structure and function of cells, plants and animals (including humans),
DNA and its control of cellular processes
This course is strongly recommended for students intending to study Nursing.
Students will need to purchase the textbook:
Campbell Essential Biology with Physiology
New International Edition
Simon, Dickey and Reece
Pearson Benjamin Cummings Publishers (5th Edition, 2014)
Including Mastering Biology Access Kit
ISBN 9781486043033
Cost is approximately $169 (includes Pearson's Mastering Biology website access
code). Second-hand copies from previous students may be available.