With the simple and complicated pore network models having been
developed and reviewed, people have a better insight on porous media
phenomena. However, most of pore network models focused on the nondeformable consolidated or unconsolidated porous media (e.g., stone,
sand layers), which are considered non-deformable in the models. But, in
fact, some porous media can be deformed under pressure (e.g. diapers,
body tissues and clay layers). When the deformation happens, the
properties that are related to the fluid flow will also change, such as
porosity, permeability and hydraulic conductivity, because the
deformation caused by the pressure leads to the change of the texture and
structure of porous media. Based on pore network modeling for nondeformable porous media, a new network model which considers the
deformation of the solid phase effects will be developed and provide
more information on the effects of the deformation of fluid flow in porous