Community Support Program (CSP)

CSI Philosophy
Active Community Involvement
Service Linkage
Cultural Sensitivity
Client Focused
Fostering Empowerment
Frank C. Sacco, Ph.D.
Creating Positive Activities in
the Community
1695 Main St, Springfield, MA 01103
Ph: (413) 739-5572
540 VFW Pw, W. Roxbury, MA 02132
Ph: (617) 325-2993
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Community Support Program (CSP)
Community Support Program (CSP)
Community Support Programs (CSPs) provide an
array of services delivered by a communitybased, mobile, multidisciplinary team of
paraprofessionals. These programs provide
essential services to the following:
Members with a long-standing history of a
psychiatric or substance abuse disorder
Members who are at varying degrees of
increased medical risk
Children/adolescents who have behavioral
health issues challenging their optimal level
of functioning in the home/community
Services include:
• Assisting consumers in enhancing their
daily living skills
• Providing service coordination and
• Assisting with obtaining benefits,
housing, and health care
• Developing a crisis plan
• Providing prevention and intervention
• Fostering empowerment and recovery,
including linkages to peer support and
self-help groups.
In general, a Member who can benefit from CSP
services has a disorder that required past
hospitalization or has resulted in serious
impairment with a risk of a future hospitalization.
Insurances Accepted
CSP services are used to prevent hospitalizations.
MBHP (Springfield only)
They are designed to respond to the needs of
individuals whose pattern of utilization of
services or clinical profile indicates a high risk of
readmission into a 24-hour treatment setting.
These services are designed to be maximally
flexible in supporting individuals who are unable
to independently access and sustain involvement
with needed services.
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm
Evening hours available by appointment
24 Hour Emergency
For Intake and Referral, call:
Springfield: (413) 739-5572
W. Roxbury: (617) 325-2993
You will be contacted within 24 hrs
to schedule a face to face interview.