Vocab Unit 1 Fill in the Blank Practice

Vocabulary Unit 1
Completing the Sentence: Using your vocabulary notes, choose the word that best completes each of the
following sentences. Write the correct form of the word. Some words may be used more than once.
1. Boston and its ____________________________ suburbs were severely flooded after three days of heavy
2. The eye-opening first scene of the new play gave the audience a ______________________________ of
things to come.
3. After he interrogated the suspect, suspicion began to _____________________________ in the
inspector’s mind.
4. My grandparents were happy to ______________________________ the little girl who found their lost
5. The young couple brought in an architect and a contractor to help them ___________________________
the old house.
6. The ___________________________ rumor was damaging to their budding friendship.
7. In contrast to the rich land we left behind, the plains appeared to be a ___________________________
8. The attorney attempted to _________________________________ that the witness’s testimony was
9. The water began to _________________________________ from the rusty old pipe.
10. The passengers hurried to ____________________________ from the small airplane.
11. All household tasks are _______________________________, according to my brother, who never helps
with them.
12. The job applicant gave a copy of her ________________________________ to the person in charge of the
employment agency.
13. After tense negotiations, the warring nations reluctantly agreed to a five-day
14. The sky was ____________________________ with a red glow as the fire raged in the distance.
15. The two detectives helped the young, inexperienced officer to ________________________________ the
16. The ____________________________ student sat down in the back of the classroom.
17. Even the loud demonstration on the street below was not enough to ____________________________
the meeting.
18. After separating from its booster rocket, the capsule began to ____________________________ through
19. The runoff, which is quite heavy in the spring, dwindles to a __________________________ by late
20. The Han ____________________________ of China was in power for about 400 years.
21. We had an _____________________________ wait in the hot, crowded train station.
22. As _____________________________, the landlord offered all tenants a month free of rent.
23. The general left all _____________________________ details to subordinate officers.
Directions: Fill in the blank with the vocab word that is a synonym or antonym for the bolded words below. Use
the phrases as clues to find the answer.
1. Intimate that it was her fault
2. Chased by the savage bear
3. Decided to fix up the old theater
4. Sit through an uneventful play
5. His attempt to descend from the plane
6. Sent a job history to the company
7. Sign a binding armistice to end the fighting
8. Race through space
9. a petty matter not worth pursuing
10. to reimburse her expenses
1. to move slowly down the narrow path
2. definitely a momentous decision
3. leads a lively existence
4. hope to continue their battle
5. would rip off his idea