Summer Activities for Rising 2 nd Graders

Summer Activities for Rising 2nd Graders
The second grade teachers are already planning for next year. We can’t wait to meet our new class. Summer is a great time to relax,
but also get a head start for the next year. In order to help you to prepare your child for the transition, we have compiled a list of
skills and activities.
 Suggested books to read:
Bailey Kids series by Debbie and Marcia Thornton Jones
A to Z Mysteries by Ron Ray
Jigsaw Jones series by James Preller
Junie B. Jones series by Barbara Park
Henry and Mudge books by Cynthia Rylant
Berenstain Bear books by Stan and Jan Berentain
Magic Tree House books by Mary Pope Osborn
Arthur books by Marc Brown
Flat Stanley books by Jeff Brown
Froggy books by Jonathan Landon
Amelia Bedelia books by Peggy Parish
Ask children: Who, What, Where & Why questions about the stories they read.
Keep a journal of stories read. Summarize and illustrate each entry.
Visit the library! You can check out books for free! Look for the Accelerated reader list for second grade for a list of
additional books to read.
Make a summer writing journal and draw, write words and sentences about summer activities.
A great handwriting website is www.handwritingfor Letters are formed from top to bottom.
Practice addition and subtraction facts- you can make or purchase flashcards from the dollar store.
Practice telling time to five minutes. Students need to also know elapsed time (for example: A show starts at 1:00 and is
over at 1:30. How long did the show last?)
Practice counting money! Let your child help you count money at the store and calculate how much change you should get
back. Counting spare change at home will make a difference!
Can count by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to 100.
Can use the phrase “more than”, “same as”, and “less than” when comparing 2 numbers from 1 – 30.
Example: 19 is less than 20. 21 is more than 20.
Your child will need to know addition/subtraction facts and multiplication facts (quickly without thinking or using fingers).
Add and subtract with and without regrouping.
Practice place value: 1, 10’s & 100’s.
Websites- below is a list of several websites that are great for practicing grade level skills.
Keep an observation log on things you see around you. Include as many descriptions as you can. Be sure to use all 5 senses.
Go on a nature hike.
Make a leaf notebook. See how many leaves you can identify.
Plant something outside and keep a record of its measurements as it grows.
Social Studies:
Draw a map of your neighborhood. Place a small surprise somewhere and put a mark on it on your map. See if a friend or
relative can follow your map and find the surprise.
Use a map to locate places your family has been to or wants to go.
Visit a local museum.
We look forward to seeing you on August 18th !