School Newsletter update 4.12.15

Progress Update on the New School
It may not look it from the outside but the new Inverness Royal Academy is a hive of activity on the
inside. With just 5 months to go until the projected handover date of June 6th 2016 work to fit out
the inside of the building is well under way.
The roof coverings for the building are now just about completed with only the Art & Science
terraces to be completed along with some of the finishing detail. Nearly all of the windows are in
place apart from the louvres and those deliberately left off allowing access to get materials in and
out of the building although these areas will be sealed up in the next couple of weeks.
Most of the rooms and corridors inside the building are now formed and work is well under way to
get all the wiring, ventilation heating, lighting etc. in place. Most rooms have had their first coat of
paint and in some of the rooms in Science and Home Economics the flooring has been put down and
the services to the rooms put in. This means that in those rooms the contractor can start to put in
the fixed furniture (benches etc.) in the next few weeks and just this week the doors and glass panels
in the classrooms started to go in.
With the contractor still reporting that they are still on programme we will be looking to turn our
attention to how we actually move the current school into the new one as that is going to require a
lot of careful planning!
In the meantime groups of teachers are continuing to visit the school to check on progress and the
parent council have also had a walk round as have the Stakeholders Group. Once the school is nearer
completion we will start orientation visits with the pupils but in the meantime the schools video
diary team are continuing to video the project and will be putting more of their programmes about
the build onto their YouTube channel soon so look out for these informative and entertaining
programmes from our young “Royal Reporters”.