Miss Kay’s Fifth Grade News Thank you for all the lovely Literacy

Miss Kay’s Fifth Grade News
February 12, 2016
Thank you for all the lovely
Valentines and candy and gift
cards! You are all so thoughtful
and generous, and I truly
appreciate it. Happy Valentine’s
Day to you and your family!
Thank you also to the donors on
Donors Choose! I have received
some fabulous materials for
social studies instruction, and as
soon as it is approved I will be
posting a grant for prepared
microscope slides. These would
be used during Life Science, our
final science unit for the year.
Taft forms are due in about 2
This week our author letters were
finished and mailed! It will be fun to
see which authors send a reply.
The class reviewed story elements for
fiction, including protagonist,
antagonist, setting, rising action,
climax, falling action, theme,
conflict, and resolution.
Has anyone taken their families to
the Art Institute? If so have you seen
the Thorne miniature rooms? We
are reading The 68 Rooms by
Marinne Malone. This fun fantasy
novel follows two children who find
a key that shrinks them to the size of
the rooms, and they are able to enter
the rooms and even the historical
time periods of the rooms! If you
have not seen these delightful rooms,
a family trip to the Art Institute
Miss Kay’s Fifth Grade News
February 12, 2016
would be a great way to enhance
your child’s experience in the
This week in math the class worked
with ordered pairs, coordinate grids,
and growing patterns. Next week we
will have the test on Module 7.
Social Studies
Slavery and the Underground
Railroad is the topic of the week.
Coming Up
*Underground Railroad
*Civil War
*The 68 Rooms by Marianne Malone
*Math test