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“Villa Brgucena”
General Information
Image consists of many components and the Villa Brgucena has been carefully
planned to ensure that each of these elements has been considered and
appropriately addressed.
Short description
Initially, the main house is providing 5 guest rooms. Guests will also be able to enjoy
outdoor seating, either on big terraces adjoining the sunroom or in the secluded
backyard. Each of the 5 guest rooms has a private bath with shower. Three rooms also
have a sitting room.
Price list
Studio 'Roof' - 42 m2
'Orange' room - 27 m2 with balcony
'Green' room - 25 m2 with terrace
Studio 'President ' - 47 m2 with terrace
Studio 'Basement' - 50 m2 with terrace
Prices are in EURO
Prices are per room (2 persons)
Single use -20%
Minimum stay 3 days
Omišalj is located in the north-western part of the island and is the first island town after
crossing the Krk Bridge. The historic town centre is situated on a cliff 85 meters high and
dominates this part of Kvarner. With the town of Krk, Omišalj is the oldest living town on
the island with a tourist tradition more than 100 years old.
Around 1000 B.C. the Illyrians lived in Omišalj, then the Romans, and in the 7th century
the Croats arrived. In the 11th century Omišalj was an important centre of Glagolism and
literacy, and in the 12th century it was referred to as Castri musculi (from the Latin Ad
musculi - the place of shells), while in the 15th century the Frankopan family, lords of Krk,
built one of their four castles in Omišalj. Because of this Omisalj today rightly bears the
title of the town-monument.
Cultural and architectural heritage of Omisalj is extremely rich. This fact is confirmed by
the remains of a Roman town Fulfinum dated to the 1st century AD, an early Christian
basilica Mirine dated to the 5th century, and many other historical monuments. By its
"offer" of monuments Omisalj exceeds many of its better known island neighbors, and in
some categories it is even unique in Kvarner. Omisalj is particularly abundant in more
than a thousand-year-old early medieval reliefs which are numerous in coastal regions of
Croatia, and in a small Omisalj there are more of these reliefs preserved than in some
European countries!
The property is located in the city Omisalj in the island Krk. The area is also one of the state's
famous tourist regions. Located only 100 km from Italian border, 50 km from Slovenian
border, 280 km from Austria and is not popular among the Croatians, but also very popular
resort for tourists from Slovenia, Austria, and Italyan regions: Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto,
Emilia Romagna and Lombardia. The island Krk has 3,4 million visitors each year.
International Airport Rijeka
Only a 5 kilometers from the property is located International Airport with many low
budget Airlines Company and is connected with many most important European cities
during the summer time, also with Moscow in Russia.
Other Airports in vicinity:
Italy - Trieste Airport: 135 km,
Slovenia – Ljubljana Airport: 160 km,
Croatia – Zagreb Airport:165 km.
Area Attractions
Historical Landmarks Omisalj
Fulfinum Mirine (I.-VI. Century.) In the vicinity of Omisalj, only two kilometers to
the southwest, in the Sepen Bay are the remains of an early Christian basilica dated
the 5th century, the most interesting (but not the only one) monument of this site.
Town Loggia dated to the 16th century in the past served as a courtroom and the
place to conduct public affairs.
Chapel of St. Anthony dated to the 6th century.
Chapel of St. Jelena dated to the 15th century, which keeps a tablet that testifies of the
construction of plumbing in the Roman town of Fulfinum.
Chapel of St. Cyril, one of the oldest churches and chapels.
Smitir – remnants of the old cemetery.
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Recreational Activities
Offer of pleasures on sea
Scooter ride
Watter skiing
Flying with parachute
Mini golf
Table tennis
Skimmer ride
Bicycle routes
Horseback riding