2015 JanTerm Travel Course Financial Obligation Form


2015 JanTerm Travel Course Financial Obligation Form-Ghost Ranch

Student Name: ____________________________ Student ID: _____________________________

Deposit and Registration:

Once you have completed your application form, make the required non-refundable deposit/administrative fee with the Business Office so that you can register for the course. If you think you may need a loan to assist you in covering the cost of the travel course, please consult with the Office of Financial Aid as soon as possible.

Initial here __________ It is important to understand that deposits are non-refundable and, at any time following your registration into the course, you will be responsible for all unrecoverable payments made on your behalf for the course. If a course is canceled due to low enrollment, or if a student is not able to register due to the enrollment limit being reached for a course, deposits may be refunded to students.

Once the deposit has been made and registration completed, the balance of the course fees must be paid according to the payment schedule established for the specific course. No statements will be sent out. Each travel course specifies a non-refundable deposit, as well as the payment schedule for payment of balances; students are responsible for paying close attention to the dates listed for the travel course they select.

Unexpected Withdrawals and/or Terminations from Travel Courses:

Students may experience need for unexpected medical or bereavement withdrawals from travel courses. In such documented cases, students will receive a refund of all recoverable funds; because of the need to commit funds months prior to travel, it may not be possible to refund funds in some cases. The student must provide the Center for Global Learning with appropriate documentation (doctor’s statement verifying the student is medically unable to participate in the course, appropriate documentation related to bereavement issue, etc.) along with the refund request. If a student is using funds obtained through Financial Aid, withdrawal from a course may have financial aid consequences, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Initial here __________ No refunds will be made and no credit will be awarded to students who are terminated from a travel course because of disciplinary or behavioral problems. If a student is terminated from a travel course any time after registering for the course due to disciplinary or behavioral problems, course fees in accordance with the JanTerm Payment Schedule for the course including remaining or outstanding balances will be assessed as necessary and will vary depending on the course and date of termination. If disciplinary or behavioral problems occur while a travel course is underway, the student will be sent home at his/her expense. Additional fees may be assessed in such instances as necessary.

Students are expected to travel to and from destinations with the AC group as outlined by the faculty leaders unless special permission is granted as changes may affect the group pricing.

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Student Name:

2015 JanTerm Travel Course Financial Obligation Form-Ghost Ranch


Student ID:


Course Title Instructor Price Range

Ghost Ranch-Expanding Spiritualties Tim Tracz $2,200

Ghost Ranch-Outdoor Adventure Tim Tracz $2,200

Ghost Ranch-Writing Inside the Mesa

Ghost Ranch-Introduction to Silversmithing

Ghost Ranch-Weaving in the Southwest Style

Tim Tracz

Tim Tracz

Tim Tracz





Ghost Ranch-Micaceous Pottery Tim Tracz $2,200

Ghost Ranch-Holistic Medicine Tim Tracz $2,200

Ghost Ranch-Sustainable Practice in Action Tim Tracz $2,200

+ Includes a special material fees for the Silversmithing course

Students will be responsible for making their own travel arrangements to get to Ghost Ranch.

Students will notify the JanTerm office of their travel arrangements by close of business on December 1, 2014.

Students may drive to Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico.

I plan to register for the JanTerm course marked above and pay a $250.00 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. I will not be able to register for JanTerm until I have paid the non-refundable deposit and returned this completed form to the

Business Office. I understand that the deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and that if I drop the course and sign up for another course, a new NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required. I agree to pay the estimated course cost above to the

Business Office as follows:

_____ I will pay half of the course fee by November 1, 2014 and the balance by December 1, 2014

_____ I am applying for financial aid and will complete the loan application process with the Financial Aid

Office immediately

Initial here __________ Dropping your JanTerm Travel Course must be done IN PERSON at the Registrar’s

Office and your course instructor must sign the drop form.

If I drop the course, I will be responsible for a significant part of the course fee, in addition to the nonrefundable deposit according to the following schedule:

Drop Date

After October 31, 2014

After November 30, 2014

After December 31, 2014

I will OWE to

Austin College

$450.00 fee will be assessed

$800.00 fee will be assessed

100% of the TOTAL Course fee

I acknowledge that I was advised of all payment dates and cancellation penalties.

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