April 2014 - Appalachian Women`s Museum

Old C.J. Harris Home, Dillsboro
 Meeting called to order by President Jessie Swigger. Board members present: Wendy Myers, Claire
Collins, Lisa Potts, Suzanne McDowell, Amy Smith, Susan Leveille, Anne Lane, Andy Denson,
Sarah Beth Lee, June Smith, Cathy Arrington, Leslie Rojohn, Sue Ellen Bridgers, Tom Massie,
Roberta Buckner
 Also in attendance: Emma Wertenberger, Tim Osment, Calvin Smith
 Agenda approved; passed unanimously
 Previous minutes approved: Roberta moved to approve, Wendy seconded; passed unanimously
 Treasurer’s report approved; passed unanimously
Old Business:
 Jessie spoke with Jennifer Cathey regarding the slaughterhouse / shed. Jennifer will come to look at
it and provide a recommendation on what should be done with it.
 Suzanne spoke with Carolyn Jordan at Stanberry Insurance – neither agent could attend our meeting.
We have general liability and adult volunteer policies already. For adult volunteers – group accident
policy for volunteers working on the house. General liability – covers guests and persons taking a
tour who might be hurt. We need to be very cognizant of risks associated with the house before
having tours. The insurance company recommends ‘Directors and Officers’ liability insurance for
intentional acts. Advisory Board attorney Heather Baker recommended purchase of this insurance,
and discussion ensued. Susan Leveille moved to purchase, Leslie Rojohn seconded. Passed
 Jessie would like a subcommittee to develop a tour of the house for the summer. Pam Meister can
help with that. Interested members were to convene after the board meeting.
Development Committee: (Claire Collins, Chair)
 Mailing campaign is ready to go – there are over 500 names. Members who could stay after the
meeting did so to personalize the letters.
Monteith Committee (Calvin Smith, Chair)
 Front porch has been stabilized.
 House has been cleaned except for the basement. Furniture has been moved to the third floor.
 Two good workdays were held. The third workday was cancelled because of the good work done
during the first two workdays.
 Alan Roderick has submitted a quote for repairing the roof on the main part of the house (not
porches). 15 year guarantee, no leaks, will keep existing metal. The cost for the restoration will be
approximately $16,000. Jessie proposes raising $8000 and trying to apply for a matching grant.
 We need water to the site. Tim has some TWSA connections and will approach them to begin the
process of discussing our options.
 Someone needs to go to the county commissioners to request the donation of a dumpster for
construction debris. Roberta volunteered to talk to the county when the time is appropriate.
Education Committee (Andrew Denson, Chair)
 The Education Committee is requesting $100 to produce educational banners that will be placed in
the canning house. A motion to approve was submitted by Andrew and seconded by Suzanne;
motion passed unanimously.
 Collections subcommittee – Sarah Beth and Anne have crafted a statement for the webpage noting
that we are not yet ready to accept donations. A motion was made by Andrew to approve the
statement (with a few minor grammatical revisions). The motion was seconded by June, and passed
New Business
Heather Baker reviewed the Memorandum of Lease with the Committee
 Removal of the structure (slaughterhouse) requires permission from the town of Dillsboro.
 Working with the National Register is also requisite.
 Denise Drury has moved the website to Dreamhost to reduce hosting costs, has added a PayPal
button for donors, and has put the film on the website and has ideas on using the film to raise funds.
Other Business
 ‘A Guide to Downtown Dillsboro’ is a book on downtown Dillsboro – the class writing it wishes to
donate proceeds to the AWM.
 Jessie applied for a FOCoS grant from the North Carolina Museums Council. The grant provides for
consultants to visit and make recommendations on how to improve small museums.
 Jessie would like to request that some graduate students help this summer with writing some grants.
Susan feels that the board must have the final say in all grant writing work. Jessie will work with
Dr. Paul Dezendorf who teaches a class on Grant Writing at Western Carolina University to set up
‘checkpoints’ along the way and to make sure that the final product meets the approval of the board.
Susan Leveille moved to approve the project; Amy seconded; motion passed unanimously.
Proposals Noted in Agenda:
 Proposal #1 – The Governance Committee shall be able to vote on whether or not to apply for grants
that will be financially beneficial or neutral to the AWM. Calvin moved to approve; Sarah Beth
seconded; motion passed unanimously.
 Proposal #2 – The Governance Committee shall vote on reimbursements up to but not exceeding
$250; amounts in excess of $250 require a vote of the entire board. Leslie R. moved to approve,
Tom seconded; motion passed unanimously.
Next Meeting: Tuesday June 3rd, 5:30p (Location TBD but hopefully in the Community Room of the
Jackson County Library Complex)
Respectfully submitted,
Wendy Meyers