Year 3-6 Parents` Information Letter

Dear Parents,
As part of our learning this term students are going to keep
their own digital learning journal/blogs using Google sites.
We are going to begin by creating closed blogs that only
students, teachers and parents can share.
“What is a blog?” I hear some people ask.
Blogs are like online newsletters that are interactive. Blogs
are great because you can share work and achievements
with a wider, authentic audience. Students can share
photos, reflections and videos about their learning. is a
youtube video that you can watch about what a blog is if
you are unsure. A link for this has also been put onto the
school website under home learning. is also a great
example you can look at for what a learning blog looks like.
Instead of just the teacher seeing the students’ creations other students and parents can view the
work and leave comments. Students can share their blog with you if you have a Google
account. Sharing a blog helps to strengthen home-school partnerships and build a sense
of classroom community.
Blogging also helps literacy, typing, ICT, social interactions, cyber safety and geography (when
you start blogging publically).
Blogging provides the ideal opportunity for students to learn about appropriate online
behaviours and get experience using 21st century technologies.
The account that is created for the students is a monitored and private account using Google Apps for
Education. The students will share their page only with those they want to. It will not be public and
unless permission is given by you to do so.
Next term we would like to next move on to creating a shared, public blog that is closely monitored by
staff. This allows you to share in your child’s learning publically and make comments. The children
then have a much wider audience and the ability to blog and share learning with other schools. This is
an amazing learning opportunity where students can engage with the technology in a monitored and
safe way.
The following guidelines have been established to ensure the safety of our students when
Students’ first name, photos, work, video and school name MAY be included on the blog(s).
Students’ surnames, address, email address, phone number, specific plans, date of birth and
other personal information WILL NOT be included on the blog(s).
All comments are monitored as they are put on the blogs for approval
Students will be encouraged to comment on other class/student blogs with teacher/parent
Parents who leave comments are asked to use their first name only so as not to identify their
child E.g. Please identify yourself in comments as “Jane- Sally’s Mum” rather than “Jane BrownSally’s Mum”
All commentators must be polite, respectful and courteous
Others’ work, images, music or videos will not be used without permission and attribution.
Parents are asked to proofread comments and posts that students write on blogs at home.
In utilising this technology we will also be using other web 2.0 (online) tools to add to our blogs and
learning. These are:
QR Codes: A created code that allows others to scan the code to take them to another
link. You have probably seen these on products at supermarkets.
Audioboo: A recording device that allows us to upload audio
recordings to the site
Edmodo: a social learning platform for teachers, students, and parents. This a
safe and monitored learning discussion area that teaches students about social media sites and
how to be safe when using them.
Google Apps: Applications that students can add to their Google accounts that assist learning.
Wordle: A tool that allows students to create an image made up of words that are commonly used.
In the future there may be other web tools that we would like to add to this list but we will notify
you about them and what they are.
If you have any questions are concerns about the above feel free to email Susan at or contact the school.
To allow you to make an informed decision about your child’s use of the full range of Web 2.0 tools
that we will be providing in the near future we strongly encourage your attendance at the workshop
on the 15th August at 7pm.
After the workshop has been held a permission note will be sent home allowing you the
opportunity to consent to your child’s use of the full range of technology tools.
With thanks,
Susan, Nicole and Stella