WMST Graduate Courses – Fall 2014

Graduate Courses Fall 2014
WMST601 Approaches to Women’s Studies I – D. Rosenfelt
WMST618 Feminist Pedagogy – K. King, A. Tambe
WMST619 Women’s Studies Teaching Practicum – S. Kim
WMST628 Women’s Studies Colloquium – M. Rowley
WMST698N Special Topics in Women’s Studies: Special Topics in Women's
Studies: Religion, Militarism and Gender – A. Tambe
**WMST699 Independent Study – Individual Instruction
**WMST709 Directed Independent Reading for Major Field Exam - Individual
**WMST799 Master’s Thesis Research – Individual Instruction
**WMST898 Pre-Candidacy Research – Individual Instruction
AASP499M Advanced Topics in Public Policy and the Black Community: A Socially
Constructive Historical Account of Black Masculinities – C. St. Vil
AMST601 Introductory Theories and History in American Studies – N. Struna
AMST629D Seminar in American Studies: Fashion and Consumer Culture in the
United States – J. Paoletti
AMST628B Seminar in American Studies: Race, Class, and Material Culture – P.
AMST629N Seminar in American Studies: Comparative Race and Ethnicity – P.
ANTH606 Qualitative Methods in Applied Anthropology – Sangaramoorthy
ANTH688A Current Developments in Anthropology – Individual Instruction
ANTH688V Current Developments in Anthropology: Global Health, Society, and
Culture – L. Olson
ANTH689K Special Problems in Anthropology: Social Organization: The
Anthropology of Marriage and Kinship
AREC825 Advanced Economic Welfare Analysis – C. Towe
ARHU786 Leadership and Professional Development
Internship – Individual Instruction
ARTH692 Methods of Art History – J. Shannon
CCJS670 Race, Crime, and Criminal Justice – B. Johnson
COMM714 Introduction to Qualitative Methods in Communication
Research – E. Toth
EDHI606 Political Economy of Education in a Global Context – S. Klees
EDHI614 Politics of Education – B. Malen
EDPS735 Phenomenal Inquiry I – F. Hultgren
EDPS788J Special Topic in Education Policy and Administration: Social Analysis of
Urban Education Policy – T. White
ENGL428Y Seminar in Language and Literature: Authors of the Early Black Atlantic
– V. Carretta
ENGL448A Literature by Women of Color: Caribbean Literature by Women – M.
ENGL465 Theories of Sexuality and Literature – M. Lindemann
ENGL601 Literary Research and Critical Contexts – T. Coletti
ENGL798B Critical Theory Colloquium – O. Wang
FMSC410 Maternal, Child and Family Health – M. Jones, E. Shenassa
FMSC430 Gender Issues in Families – L. Leslie
FMSC460 Violence in Families – C. Schull
FMSC650 Ethical, Legal, and Professional Principles in Marriage and Family
Therapy – N. Epstein
GVPT622 Quantitative Methods for Political Science – D. Cunningham
GVPT708A Seminar in International Relations Theory – P. Huth
GVPT743 Contemporary Political Theory – C. Alford
HIST467 Women and Reform Movements in the Twentieth Century – C. Larocco
HIST608A General Seminar: American History – C. Lyons
HIST729A Readings in Modern European History: Ideas and Politics in 20th Century
Europe – J. Herf
JOUR452 Women in the Media – L. Steiner
JOUR453 News Coverage of Racial Issues – A. Rosen
PUAF688P Topics: Health Law and Ethics – J. Scott
PUAF689Y Topics: Non-Profit Fundraising – N. Drezner
PUAF689Z Topics: Strategic Management for Non-Profit and Public Organizations
– R. Sheehan
PUAF698A Topics: Poverty Measurement and Alleviation – D. Besharov
PUAF699Y Topics: Globalization and Trade – S. Schwab, W. Reisch
PUAF735 Health Policy – J. Meyer
SOCY620 Development of European and American Sociological Theory – R.
SOCY424 Sociology of Race Relations – R. Ray, K. Marsh
SOCY630 Population and Society – F. Chen
SOCY661 Social Stratification – P. Cohen
SOCY699D Special Social Problems: Contemporary Sociological
Methods – J. Lucas
SOCY699E Special Social Problems: Gender Stratification – W. Yu
SPHL600 Fundamentals of Global Health – M. Haider
THET600 Introduction to Graduate Research Methods – F. Hildy