Ethnography: Theory and Practice

Ethnography – Student Rep Meeting
20th November 2012
Present: Rebecca Marsland and Alice Randle
Apologies: Euan Bookless
Students have really been enjoying the group work, the different kinds of
writing, and the opportunity to develop new (transferable) skills, like setting
up and carrying out an interview.
The course complements Social Anthropology 2 very well.
Group work has been great for the development of friendships – this rarely
happens in other first and second year courses.
More anthropology students should be encouraged to take this course, it is
good preparation for their dissertation in the third and fourth year, and it
would balance out the tutorial groups with students from other subject areas,
who often know less about anthropology
More theory! The tutorials focus very much on getting the Space Project done,
and how to do ethnography and this works very well. However, there doesn’t
seem to be a space in which students can discuss theory. Suggestions include –
having an additional weekly seminar (as opposed to tutorial) in which theory
is discussed; replacing the book review (students didn’t really understand why
they had to do it) with an essay that would encourage students to engage more
closely with the lectures and/or theoretical readings
The lecture theatre is too big, and inappropriate for such an innovative course
(ie didactic form of teaching doesn’t fit). Seminar Rooms One and Two
(CMB) might work better.