Meeting Minutes 2008-2009

Diversity Committee Membership and Meeting Minutes
Dr. Kay Decker, Chair
Steve Barrows--Athletics
Brad Franz—VP of Student Affairs
Alice Kan—Music Dept.
Cornelia Mihai—Chemistry
Francisco Martinez—Spanish
Lupita Sinnes—Spanish
Sue Diel—Education
Eric Schmaltz--History
Julie Barrazza—Intl Students Coordinator
Committee met on August 28, 2008 to discuss purpose of committee; review annual report of activities
from previous academic year; review upcoming heritage month activities for Hispanic Heritage, African
American Heritage, Women’s History Month, Native American Heritage; discuss NWOSU Strategic Plan;
discuss faculty and staff diversity training needs—training set for September 25 and 26; discuss Diversity
Recognition at Faculty Recognition Ceremony.
Committee met on February 20, 2009 to discuss diversity reporting process for annual report; discuss
upcoming Lincoln Symposium to be held on February 24; planning for Germans from Russia Lecture in
the fall; discussed faculty diversity reporting process; discussed recruitment process for underserved
populations; discussed NCATE Diversity needs.
Activities Sponsored by Diversity Committee for 08-09 academic year:
Presented a Cross Cultural Training Workshop for Faculty and Staff
Heritage Month activities held on all three campuses
Committee recognized certain members of faculty and staff for their outstanding contributions to
diversity awareness during the previous academic year
Assisted in reworking the recruitment process to highlight underserved populations in the university’s
service area
Helped promote the campus OSLEP visit with visiting Costa Rican Scholar, Dr. Mario Carvajal, Costa Rican
Minister of Agriculture