Deans Cover Letter

Technical Student Projects
To the pertinent Deans of UVU:
This message is in regards to student projects (Senior projects, in many cases) that may
require technical support from the IT Department.
The Office of Information Technology aims to provide students with assistance and
support that will enhance their learning experience and development, and enable them
to be successful in the completion of their project.
There are some common issues, however, that often prevent project completion. Most of
these issues stem from a lack of communication and coordination. For a student project
to be successfully completed, deployed, and utilized on campus, it is critical for the
student group to coordinate with central IT early in the semester to ensure sustainability
and ongoing support of the project.
Attached is a document entitled ‘Things to Know before Getting Started’. Please make
your departments aware of this information and encourage Department Heads to inform
their faculty early on of the potential for their students to receive technical assistance
with their projects.
Thank you for helping us help students be successful,
The Office of Information Technology