Ethics Essay Natural rights are the basis of how we live today. John

Ethics Essay
Natural rights are the basis of how we live today. John Locke said that natural rights
aren’t given to us by the government; we get them from God. Natural rights include freedom of
speech, religion, press, and freedom of unreasonable search. They also give people the right to
assemble and petition the government. Natural rights are a combination of moral and civil rights,
because they are not invented or created by the government and they are legal privileges given to
all citizens. Living in Arizona, immigration is a controversial topic. Many people protest and
speak out about the different laws. Without natural rights they wouldn’t be able to express their
opinions in a public setting. I approve of how natural rights are being supported because
everyone has their own voice and opinion and they should be able to express it. Many laws are
created based on what people are saying. New laws and propositions are made every year based
on what people want. Natural rights are included in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution. The
founding fathers knew the importance that the rights would be to the American people. Our
country was based off freedom of speech and voicing your own opinion. Not everyone had those
rights at one point though. In other countries, people aren’t as fortunate to have as many rights as
people in the United States have.
Some people think that natural rights are bad. They feel like they lead to protests and
violence. Although that may be true, natural rights are what make a country great. Everyone is
responsible for supporting natural rights because everyone has natural rights. If a person doesn’t
support natural rights they aren’t supporting to have their own freedom of speech, religion, etc. If
people don’t support natural rights then nobody will. It’s up to the individual to fight for their
own natural rights. For example, if a person doesn’t like a new law that’s made it’s up to them to
express their dislike for it. Freedom of religion is another natural right. People can practice any
religion they want in America. That’s a major drawing point for the United States. Many people
come to the United States for religious freedom. In other countries the government or leaders tell
the people what religion they have to practice. They don’t have the same rights as we have here
in America. Many people take for granted how much freedom people have in the United States.
They don’t realize how much of a voice they have in the decisions that are made by the
government every day. Often times, the government likes to hear opinions from citizens so they
can make changes that best benefit the community. During the presidential election, the
candidates go from state to state talking with people and figuring out what they want changed.
Without natural rights America would be more like a dictatorship since the government could
impose regulations on all the citizens. Natural rights allow for a more diverse country and a more
successful country. There are many different kinds of religion, people, and ideas all throughout
America. Having freedom of speech and freedom to petition the government gives people a
sense that they have a say in the big picture of things. People feel that their voices can be heard
no matter who they are. Right now, people can make sure others know the importance of natural
rights. Not many people realize how much they use their natural rights every day. Without these
rights the United States would be a very different place and a very different society.