Module 2 C Proactive Intelligence, Internet

Portsmouth University Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist (ACFS)
Module Two B
Anacapa Criminal Intelligence Analysis
Distance Learning and 4 day Classroom module
Course Aim
To provide an opportunity to examine legislation in relation to covert surveillance. To
explore the use of CCTV and understand the legislation and codes of practice relating to
its use. To establish best practice for the obtaining of intelligence and evidence from
electronic devises. To explore legislation and techniques for internet investigation.
Course Learning Outcomes
At the conclusion of the course the delegate should be able to: 
Discuss relevant legislation including Human Rights Act 1998, Data Protection Act
1998, Criminal procedures and investigation act 1996, Regulation of investigatory
powers act 2000, Cover surveillance codes of practice, and its effect on proactive
intelligence gathering.
Demonstrate knowledge of planning considerations and briefing models in
relation to the conduct of operations.
Introduce the theory and vocabulary of the ABC system of covert foot surveillance.
Demonstrate the techniques and tactics used by surveillance operatives.
Discuss the codes of practice and legislation pertinent to installing, operating,
storing and accessing CCVT images.
Outline best practice guide to securing and seizing data from electronic devices.
Conduct organised and effective on-line searches and investigations, both surface
and deep web.
Develop association matrices
Identify and target intelligence gaps
Construct charts from their analysis on any identified subject
Distinguish between inductive and deductive logic
Make use of Social network analysis
Apply inductive logic to analysis
Identify the components of critical thinking
Develop inferences from analysis
Deliver clear and concise briefings