Sociology Lesson Plans September 8

Sociology Lesson Plans September 8-12
Monday, September 8
Review Chapter Four “Social Structures” for test using Smart Board Game Review Frames.
Tuesday, September 9
1. Test Chapter Four
2. Introduce Chapter Five using information about what it was like growing up in the 50s and
60s and link to Susan Linn’s book, Consuming Kids: Protecting Our Children from the
Onslaught of Marketing and Advertising.
3. Show Relevance: Students will read the article “Little Athletes, Big Injuries” and answer the
four questions to introduce them to the socialization process.
Wednesday and Thursday, September 10-11
Discuss the article read on Tuesday.
Focus: What is socialization?
a. definition
b. differentiate between primary and secondary socialization
c. Comparing points of view-Students will consider: “Where do you stand on the
nature vs. nurture debate”? After reading the text content and viewing slides at (“The Nature versus Nurture Debate”
(Refer to page two to find two studies conducted on twins to help you reach your
d. Homework September 10: Analyze Study: Harlow’s Rhesus Monkey Study article
e. September 11-Discuss students ideas about the article read using slideshare
powerpoint and a video. What conclusions about child development can be drawn
from this study?
f. Introduce the subject: “Feral and Isolated Children”
g. Students will be divided into three groups of two and presented articles related to
the topic “Feral and Isolated Children”. Each group will read their article and offer
insight on the question-“Will the children/child ever become socialized”? (Students
will probably need to complete reading of articles and home and be prepared to
discuss on Friday, September 12.
Friday, September 12
Class discussion: Group discussion of articles related to children living in isolation and the
long term effects on child or personality development. What conclusions can you draw
from the three articles and incidents