End-of-Summer Talks 2011 Presentation Schedule

End-of-Summer Talks 2011 Presentation Schedule
Tuesday, September 13, 2011
3:00 – 7:30 pm
Haus room 36-428
3:30 Welcome + introduction
3:45 David Chhan- Contribution of different pathways in bone conduction in chinchilla
4:00 Rachelle Horwitz- Coupling of the motion of the tympanic membrane to the manubrium in human
cadaveric temporal bones
4:15 Jonathan Sellon- Fixed charge controls tectorial membrane wave decay
4:30 Shirin Farrahi- Stiffness, not viscosity, controls the extent of tectorial membrane waves
4:45 coffee + cookie break
5:05 Luke Shaheen- Neural coding of the amplitude envelope in reverberant environments: Peripheral
and central contributions
5:20 Nathaniel Zuk- Neural coding of moving sound sources in the auditory midbrain
5:35 Jonathon Whitton- Development and potential applications of a closed-loop auditory learning
5:50 Golbarg Mehraei- Influence of Spatial and Pitch Continuity on Selective Auditory Attention
6:05 break – light appetizers
Will McLean- Characterization of hair cells created from stem cells
6:40 Samiya Alkhairy - A Modeling Framework and Toolset for Simulation and Characterization of the
Cochlea within the Auditory System
6:55 Sheng-Ran William Feng- Ambulatory monitoring of voice use to improve voice disorder
7:10 Clarissa Zimmerman- Design of portable Magnetic Resonance Brain Imager
7:30 Dinner