What are we doing

First and Only EDTECH Media
in Russian
Internet magazine and educational community
for discussing the future of education
and technologies that are changing it
Why are we doing it
— to promote new technologies, concepts, research, trends
and ideas that are changing the way we teach and learn
— to connect professionals who are interested in the near
and far future of education
— to raise auditory for public talk on problems of schools
and universities
What are we doing
— interviewing those who are changing the education right now
and those who can look far
— writing reviews of new projects and technologies
— looking for new and proved practices all over the world
— watching the news on early, middle and higher education
Our audience
— school and university teachers, supervisors, officials
and all others presenting education in Russia
— product managers, developers, start-upers and all those
creating new technologies and projects
— parents, grandparents, students and all those involved
and interested who are generating public opinion.
Who we are:
Natalia Chebotar
— chebotar@edutainme.ru
— facebook.com/nchebotar
Vladimir Sinelnikov
— sinelnikov@edutainme.ru
— ru.linkedin.com/in/vvsin/