exodus earth

When the Earth dies, how are we going to survive? We could go to
the stars, but how are we going to get there? Our descendants, who
may not be the human as we know them, will escape to the stars.
They will look strange to us, but still they will be our descendants,
and humans of the future.
After 200 000 years living on the Earth, the final day has come. We
don't have choice, we must leave the Earth. The pollution is terrible. In future, the new ice age
may come, and asteroids may fall from sky. In 5 bilion years Sun
will expand so the Earth will be consumed. Our life on the Earth will
be impossible, and we will have to go! Our space journey will be
dangerous and hard. We will go to the stars like humans, computers
or hybrids. We will travel by space arks, so humans will be frozen
and suspended animation. Intelligent robots will be created and sent
to explore the edges of the galaxy. A new species will evolve(part
human, part machine)
When the Sun dies it will be necessary to travel much further beyond the Solar System. That's
the reason why we hope that planet like Earth will be soon discovered. If a space ship could
travel at a speed of light, it still take thousand of years to cross the galaxy. The speed of light
is 300 000 km per second, but it seems that that is the cosmic speed limit, and in that case the
journey to the distant planet will take thousands of years. Because of
such long journey and zero gravity every aspect of human body and
life is affected. In the future it will be possible to improve them, to
make them perfect.
We are in sense programed to die. When it's time to die every cell in
our body knows that. Cells die when they divide 50 times. If there is
a program for death, we could reprograme the genetic code, and then
we would be able to extend life.
A hybrid, half men half robot will evolve with artificial bodies and
human mind. He would have silicion brains with human thoughts
and human memories.
One hundred years ago walking on the Moon was only a dream. People didn't believe that
something like that could happen. But now, it's almost impossible to imagine what might
happen in 21st century