– What do you know? EARTH AND SPACE

EARTH AND SPACE – What do you know?
1. How can we tell the Earth is round?
2. What is meant by term “Gravity” ?
3. The circle illustrated represents the Sun.
How big would the Earth look next to the Sun?
Draw it approximately to scale next to the Sun.
4. Name the closest star to Earth.
5. Define the time period of 1 day with respect to the movement of Earth.
6. Define the time period of 1 year with respect to the movement of Earth.
7. What is a light year a measure of?
8. Stars and planets can be seen in the night sky. Describe why they are visible.
9. Why don’t stars appear during the day?
10. Can the moon and sun be seen together in the sky?
11. Seasons determine temperature and climate on Earth throughout the year. How is a
season defined relative to the position of the Earth and Sun?
12. An Eclipse is defined as an occasional event when sunlight can be fully or partially
blocked. Describe 2 ways (use illustrations) this can happen.
13. Define what is meant by:
a) Solar System
b) Galaxy
c) Universe