Professional Biography
Hi everyone, I’m Yuxi Ye. My hometown is Xi’an, the ancient capital city of China. I
graduated from Communication University of China with a BA degree in Media
Creativity. Outside academic studies, I used to be an intern financial journalist in a
weekly magazine, China Business News. Besides, I’m also a freelancer for several other
magazines covering reports in design, art, fashion industry, and a member of an
amateur translation group focusing on global cutting-edge technologies reports.
Currently I’m a first-year graduate student of Communication, Culture & Technology
(CCT) Program in Georgetown University. My interests are technology communication
and management consulting.
As for my short-term goal in the 1-2 years after graduation, I hope to enter the
consulting industry. Consulting is a good industry for graduates who want to acquire
training of business practice and analysis skills before they enter certain specific
industries. Personally, Information Technology and New media are the industries I’m
interested in. Since consulting industry has relatively high-level requirements of
business analysis ability for employees, I hope to build solid knowledge basis in
business, finance and international issues through IBD program besides CCT.
As for the long-term goal, I hope to enter the Information Technology or New media
industries and work for the strategy and management sector. Nowadays, companies
like Google, Facebook are still blocked in China. To enter the China market, those global
companies not only need business strategy management but also efforts on lobby,
public relations and policy affairs. Thus, I hope to combine what I’ve learnt from CCT
and IBD to help those companies communication better and expand their scopes
globally. During the study in CCT, I will focus on the clusters of Technology, information
& innovation policy and Technology, business and the economy. Through
interdisciplinary studies, I hope to build the ability to examine technology through the
perspectives of policy, governance, culture and communication. By combining this
with IBD’s global business knowledge, I think I will be eligible to provide better services
for technology or new media companies of their corporate strategy, government
relations, media relations, and crisis management.