Professional Biography

Professional Biography
By Chengqing Zhuang
Born and raised in Suzhou, a city with a 2500-year history and also named as Venice
of the East, I, Chengqing Zhuang, am a first-year CCT student from China. Dreaming
of being an excellent investigative reporter, I studied journalism as my bachelor
degree at Fudan University in Shanghai, which owns the best journalism school in
With the advance of technology, media all over the world encounter opportunities and
challenges, which is also an important timing for all the journalists and editors. Since
I am interested in the relationship between media, politics and technology, I think the
study of the effect new media and technology exert on politics and government is
amazing. Studying a different regime in America may give me some inspiration on
how to study politics in China, and studying abroad may give me a chance to observe
China in a new perspective. So I choose to study in CCT, which I believe will provide
me with an interdisciplinary perspective and be of great help to my study.
In the next two years, I will keep the track of media and politics and learn knowledge
as much as I can. China is my hometown and it is also my next stop. To be a journalist
or to be a scholar? I am not sure. But what I am sure is I will use what I have learnt in
CCT to observe, record and study China.