Polarization in Nature key

Polarization in Nature
Group Abstract (10 pts)
2 pts – purpose Define polarization in some way and give a brief description of why important
2 pts – procedure Should include some description of the different sources of light studied
2 pts – results General results – when is light polarized – needs to be mentioned (light not polarized from
overhead lights, but is polarized when reflected off a surface and from many modern technology sources).
Crossed polarizers should be mentioned as well…
2 pts – conclusions Should mention application of sunglasses or 3D glasses and why polarization is
important to understand/have
1 pt – clear
1 pt - concise
A beam of polarized light of intensity 43.0 W/m2 is sent through a system of two polarizing
sheets. Relative to the polarization direction of that incident light, the polarizing directions of the sheets
are at angles θ for the first sheet and 90 degrees for the second sheet. If the intensity of the final,
transmitted light is 8.6 W/m2, what is the value of θ?
If=I0 cos2(θ) cos2(90- θ) where If=8.6 W/m2 and I0=43.0 W/m2 which gives θ=32 degrees
Unpolarized light propagating along the x-axis with intensity I0 passes through the following
polarizer combinations. Find the resulting intensity and polarization direction as a function of  at
point A.
I=I0 ( ½ )cos2 θcos2(90- θ)