Biology Profile - Trinity School Nottingham

Now that you have undertaken an AS -Level test relating to Topic 2, it is now time to
complete your biology profile. This will be useful in helping you to plan your
approach to revision.
The scale 1-5 should be interpreted as:
1 – Very disturbing
2 – Better than you feared but obviously time must be spent on this aspect
3 – Generally pleased but there are some problems to be looked at
4 – On the whole very good but some minor problems need rectifying
5 – Very pleased with this aspect, difficult to find any problems
Shade in the rows to give yourself an idea of your strengths and weaknesses and add to it in different
colours as you do your revision.
Specification area
Role of concentration gradients
Properties of gas exchange surfaces
Structure of the unit membrane
Temperature on membrane structure
Osmosis, active transport, passive transport and
facilitated diffusion
Structure of DNA and mRNA
Nature of the genetic code and genes
Protein Synthesis
Significance of proteins primary structure
Action and specificity of enzymes
Enzyme concentrations of rates of reactions
DNA replication
Mutations and CF
Monohybrid inheritance – genotype and
CF gene expression
Treatment of CF
Somatic and germ line therapy
Moral and ethical issues of gene therapy
Gel electrophoresis
Genetic screening and gene probes
Social, ethical, moral and cultural issues of genetic
For all of Topic 2
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