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MSc Cell & Tissue Engineering / Biomedical
Engineering Seminar Programme
Dr Zhihong Huang
School of Engineering, Physics and Mathematics
University of Dundee
“Advanced Ultrasound technologies – great potential
in cancer treatment”
Wednesday 28th March, 2.00 p.m.
Seminar Room
Guy Hilton Research Centre
Thornburrow Drive
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In the past 10-15 years, many new technologies have been developed for improving
diagnosis and overall treatment of cancer. This talk presents recent developments of
ultrasound at the University of Dundee and trends including Image-guided surgery
technology which has revolutionized traditional surgical techniques by providing
surgeons with navigation tools with precision in real-time; High-Intensity Focused
Ultrasound which provides non-invasive tumour therapy; high power ultrasonics
provides high precision in surgery and anesthesia; opto-acoustics and ultrasound
elastography which are new techniques providing revolutionary improvements in
medical diagnosis and as an image guidance for surgery.
SPEAKER: Dr Zhihong Huang
Dr Huang graduated with a BSc in instrumentation from Tianjin University, China
and a PhD in mechanical Engineering from the University of Glasgow. She is
currently a senior lecturer and director of postgraduate studies in the school of
Engineering, physics and mathematics, University of Dundee. Over the past 15
years, Zhihong has built experiences in vibration analysis, Robotics, complex
material forming, dynamic modelling and simulation and high power ultrasonics. She
is particularly interested in cross-disciplinary research in the field of biomedical
engineering. Research currently emphases on three key activities in the
development high power ultrasonic technology for surgery, High intensive ultrasound
for cancer treatment; optical acoustic method for diagnosis.
This seminar was postponed from 8 February 2012.
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