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Subject: Spanish 7th grade HSC
Teacher: Mrs. Wasserman
NCSCOS Obj(s):
NL.COD 1.1 Carry out simple exchanges of information using memorized content vocabulary.
NL.CLL.3.3 Use appropriate pronunciation to present memorized phrases.
Date: 10/13/14 – 10/14/14
MYP Subject Obj(s): communicating in response to spoken, written and visual text
Key Concept: COMUNICATION Is the transfer of signals,
Related Concept:
Global Context: Global contexts for teaching and
facts, ideas and symbols. It requires a sender, a message Identities and relationships.
and an intended receiver. Effective communication
requires a common “language” (which may be written,
Global contexts direct learning towards independent
spoken or nonverbal)
and shared inquiry into our common humanity and
Through the exploration of language and the process of
shared guardianship of the planet. Using the world as
learning language, we exchange, express and transform
the broadest context for learning
information, facts, ideas, meanings and opinions.
Communication is the basis of what makes us human
and bridges communities across the globe; it is the
essence of this discipline
Communicator Risk-taker
Knowledgeable Balanced
Profile (s):
Targeted Approaches to Learning: In the language acquisition classroom, students will have the opportunities to develop their communication skills by interacting on a range
of topic
Targeted Inquiry Questions from Unit: What do I need to know to be able to talk about myself?
Student-friendly objective/LEQ (Addresses NC and MYP objectives):
Understand basic descriptions of people personality and physical characteristics when I hear or read them.
Ask someone to describe himself/herself and I can describe myself when asked to do so.
Speak and write basic descriptions of people’s personality and physical characteristics.
The student will copy their 2nd. Set of adjectives vocabulary from the board.
Teaching & Learning Activities:
 The students do a quick review of the verb ser.
 The students will copy from the board vocabulary to help them when they are writing sentences in Spanish.
 The teacher will lead a lesson about adjectives. The class will focus more on personality adjectives this time.
 Using the verb ser and the pronouns vocabulary the students will write sentences describing three students from their classroom.
 When they finish their sentences they will present the sentences to the class without saying the name of the person they are trying
to describe. The class will guess who the person who is that has been described.
 On their notebook and using their notes the students will describe two of their favorite teachers.
The students will reflect on how the knowledge of the verb ser and the pronouns in Spanish helped them to write sentences in
How will the following elements of MYP teaching and learning be incorporated into the lesson? The students will talk about their families and their birthdays. They with
reflect on the difference between the American culture and the Spanish culture.
Spanish speaking students will write an essay describing their
What I need to know to be able to talk about
family. They need to add as much details as they can.
my physical characteristics and my personality The students will collaborate to practice the
EC students work will be modify according to their modifications.
new vocabulary.
with others?
Assessment/Product: The students will be able to identify the person who has been described in the classroom.
Homework: Speaking task # 3 the students will call the google voice number and describe three of their friends. Before they call the number they will write what they need
to say in the phone. Also they need to read what they wrote to their parents and ask the parents to sign that they practiced before they make the phone call.
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