Supervision Agreement for a dissertation project

Supervision Agreement
for a dissertation project
§1 Objective and Purpose
This supervision agreement should establish a transparent relationship between the doctoral
candidate and his/her supervisor(s) regarding both content and time frame. The planning and
execution of the dissertation project should be handled by all participants in such a way as to
enable the candidate to complete his/her doctoral work with high quality and within a reasonable
time frame.
The supervision agreement is a prerequisite for the supervisee being accepted as
doctoral candidate by the Department of Mathematics.
§2 Parties
The supervision agreement is signed by
Doctoral Candidate: Klicken Sie hier, um Text einzugeben.
Supervisor: Klicken Sie hier, um Text einzugeben.
Co-Supervisor: Klicken Sie hier, um Text einzugeben.
Additional person involved in supervision (if applicable): Klicken Sie hier, um Text einzugeben.
§3 Dissertation Project
The dissertation project is executed according to the doctoral regulations of the Department
of Mathematics and their explanatory handout
Preliminary working title: Klicken Sie hier, um Text einzugeben.
Start date (month/year): Klicken Sie hier, um Text einzugeben.
Estimated end date (month/year): Klicken Sie hier, um Text einzugeben.
The dissertation project is described in the subject proposal and/or work plan attached to
this supervision agreement.
The supervisors mentioned in §2 agree to supervise this dissertation project.
The estimated time frame given by the end date in (4) can be extended by mutual
agreement of all parties.
§4 Regular Revision of this Agreement
1 This agreement and its attachments will be regularly reviewed by all parties and modified if
necessary. The first revision takes place three months after conclusion of this agreement, with
the subsequent revisions made annually.
2 The doctoral candidate will write the minutes of each of these meetings in consultation with
his/her main supervisor, which then are submitted for the attention of all supervisors and if
necessary the Dean’s Office.
§5 Duties and Responsibilities of Supervisors
1 The supervisor(s) commit themselves to academically advise the doctoral candidate on a
regular basis and to take part in regular meetings (at least twice per semester) concerning the
progress of the doctoral work regarding both time schedule and work plan (which then may
require adjusting). The supervisors support the academic independence of the doctoral
2 The main supervisor obligates him-/herself to supervise the dissertation project to its end,
provided that the doctoral candidate shows continuous academic progress. This progress will
be assessed in the meetings and stated in the minutes described in §4.
3 The obligation of supervision is independent of the length of financing.
4 The main supervisor will ensure that after the dissertation is handed in the examination
reports reach the Dean’s ofiice within the time frame agreed upon with the Dean’s Office
(see ”Explanatory Handout to the Doctoral Regulations Regarding the Procedure”).
§6 Duties and Responsibilities of the Doctoral Candidate
1 The doctoral candidate obligates him-/herself to report the progress of his/her dissertation
project regarding both time schedule and work plan (which then may require adjusting) at least
2 In addition to the supervision meetings the doctoral candidate will report the state of his/her
doctoral work at least once a year in the context of his/her workgroup, research association or
dissertation program and will receive feedback about the state of his/her dissertation project
and room for improvement.
3 The doctoral candidate seeks to present his/her research results to a broad international
audience through publication in renowned journals and contribution to conferences. The
supervisor will support him/her in doing so.
4 The supervisee will apply to be accepted as doctoral candidate at the Department of
5 The doctoral candidate is advised to register with the KHYS-Network, giving them the
opportunity to profit from all support measures offered by the Karlsruhe House of Young
Scientists (KHYS).
§7 Accompanying Qualification
1 If possible the doctoral candidate will spend part of the time working on his/her dissertation
project at another research institution, e.g. abroad.
2 The supervisors will support the doctoral candidate in attending further courses, both
general and more specialised.
3 If the dissertation is conducted within a dissertation program the doctoral candidate follows
its respective qualification program. Amount and content are stated in the work plan.
§8 Integration into a Workgroup, Research Association or Dissertation Program
The dissertation project is conducted within the following workgroup, research association
or dissertation program: Klicken Sie hier, um Text einzugeben.
(2) The Department of Mathematics tries to provide appropriate working conditions.
§9 Following the Principles of Good Scientific Practice
The doctoral candidate and the supervisors obligate themselves to follow the principles of good
scientific practice ( and the guidelines for ethic principles
( of the KIT.
If necessary the following persons may be contacted:
Ombudspersons for assurance of good scientific practice at the KIT
Ombudsman for science of the DFG:
§10 Contacts in Case of Conflict or Crisis
1 In case of a conflict the first contact for the parties is the ombudsperson of the Department
of Mathematics who is responsible for dissertation projects.
2 If the dissertation project is abandoned, written explanatory statements by both the doctoral
candidate and the supervisors will be forwarded to the Dean’s Office.
3 In case of a crisis or conflict between the doctoral candidate and a supervisor the involved
parties may also contact one the following institutions:
Karlsruhe House of Young Scientist (KHYS):
§11 Compatibility of Family and Science
The compatibility of family and scientific work is to be particularly supported. Specific assistance
measures are agreed upon if necessary.
In addition the team for equal opportunities of the KIT may be contacted
Additional Agreements
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Place, Date
Doctoral Candidate
additional person involved in supervision (if applicable)
Subject Proposal
Time Schedule/Work Plan