Graded Homework #1 - Estrella Mountain Community College

Graded Homework #1 - Present and Past Paragraphs
ESL020 Grammar II – Using Grammar in Context
Directions: On a separate piece of paper, write 2 short paragraphs about yourself.
A paragraph is a group of sentences about one idea. Your first paragraph must
be 7-8 sentences (no more, no less). Write about your past. Use the simple past
tense. Underline the past tense verbs in each sentence. Include at least 2 negative
simple past sentences. The other 5-6 sentences in that first paragraph can be
affirmative simple past using regular or irregular verbs. Use the information in Chapter
8 of your textbook for help. The second paragraph must be in the simple present or
present progressive verb tenses (review Chapters 1-5 in your textbook for help).
Underline the present tense verbs in each sentence. Include at least 2 negative present
tense sentences. The other 5-6 sentences in that second paragraph can be affirmative
simple present. Write both paragraphs on the same piece of paper. Do not give the
instructor two different pieces of paper.
I lived in Oregon and Hawaii, two places in the United States, before I came to
Arizona.1 I grew up in Portland, Oregon.2 I went to elementary school, high school,
and college there.3 I learned to play the piano and swim when I was young.4 I didn’t
like the weather in Oregon, so I moved to Hawaii.5 I lived and worked there for ten
years.6 Hawaii was very expensive.7 I didn’t have enough money to live there
comfortably, so I moved to Arizona in 1997.8
Now I live in Litchfield Park, Arizona, with my husband.1 We don’t have any
children, but we have four cats.2 My husband’s grown daughter lives with us.3
husband and I both work at Estrella Mountain Community College.4 Right now my
stepdaughter is working at three different restaurants.5 She is a bartender.6 At least
Arizona is cheaper than Hawaii, but I still don’t like the weather here.7 No place is