Gallery Walk questions

Gallery Walk questions
Johannes Gutenburg
1. What invention did he create?
2. What major effect did this invention have throughout
Lorenzo de’ Medici
1. Who was he?
2. What did he and his family sponsor?
Queen Elizabeth
1. What helped train her to become the monarch of England?
2. What were 3 of her talents or accomplishments?
Dante Alighieri
1. What masterpiece of literature is he best known for?
2. What was his profession (job)?
Miguel de Cervantes
1. Where was he born?
2. What novel did he write that was considered one of the
best novels every written?
Niccolo Machiavelli
1. Who was he?
2. What did his book The Prince say a ruler should be?
Michelangelo Buonarroti
1. What was Michelangelo skilled at?
2. Name one thing he painted and one thing he sculpted.
Leonardo da Vinci
1. Leonardo was talented in what areas?
2. Name 2 of his most famous paintings
3. Name an invention da Vinci had an idea for that was ahead of his
William Shakespeare
1. What was William Shakespeare a writer of?
2. Name two of his most famous plays.
Queen Isabella
1. What did she do to help train herself to become Queen?
2. Name 3 of her talents or Achievements
Desiderius Erasmus
1. What did Erasmus use to Criticize the Behavior of the Church?
2. What did Erasmus make an international movement?
Sir Thomas More
1. What did More think was a perfect world?
2.What happened to more when he refused to except henry VIII as
the head of the church?