Permission to use Powerpoint Presentation on RMetS web site

Permission for the Royal Meteorological Society to use your
presentation material and audio recording on its website
The Society is committed to making meteorology and the outputs from our events as
accessible as possible. With this in mind we always aim to make as much of the
content from our National meetings and conferences as possible available on our
website. We would therefore like to ask if you would consider giving us permission to
do so by completing the form below. However, we do recognise that this is not always
possible for a variety of reasons. So although we would like to encourage you to make
this material available please do not feel obliged or pressured to do so. Thank you
again for taking part in our meeting - your contribution is very much appreciated.
1. Permission to put your presentation on the Society website: YES/NO
If Yes, please strike out which paragraph below does not apply:
 I grant the Society permission to put my presentation (as presented) on their
website. In doing so I declare that I have full copyright of all images contained in my
presentation, or, where I have not, I have properly acknowledged the source and/or
copyright of the material.
 I grant the Society permission to put a revised presentation (containing only my own
material) on their website that I will forward to the Society either before or following
the meeting.
2. Permission to put an audio recording of your contribution to the meeting on the
Society website: YES/NO
If Yes:
 I agree to being recorded at the meeting and for the audio file of the recording to be
made available to listen to on the Society website and in other outreach material that
the Society produces. If this is wider than a report of the meeting then the Society
commits to requesting further permission to ensure that you are happy with the
context in which the recording is being used.
When completed either return to the Society by email ahead of the meeting to
[email protected] or please hand to a member of the Society team at the meeting –
many thanks.