study guide

Chapter 1
History & Career Opportunities in Esthetics
1. It is helpful to understand what
materials were used in early beauty
preparations to determine:
2. In early times, grooming and skin care
were practiced more for
_____________ than _____________.
3. Who used cosmetics for personal
beautification, religious ceremonies, &
preparing the deceased for burial?
4. Why did ancient Hebrews practice
grooming rituals?
5. The Hebrews prepared ointment made
from __________ for the purpose of
6. What was the purpose of cinnamon
7. ____________ in tincture form was
used for oral hygiene.
8. Ancient Greeks bathed in this and then
dusted their bodies in sand to protect
them from the sun.
9. What are the ancient Romans famous
10. What exemplified the ideal of beauty
in ancient Japan?
11. What items were used to blacken out
their teeth in ancient Japan?
Why did they do this?
12. Since ancient times Africans have
created_____________ &
_____________ from materials found
in their natural environment.
13. During the Renaissance period,
fragrances and cosmetics were used
but, what was discouraged?
14. What era did women have high
hairstyles that even incorporated wire
cages and springs to adjust the height,
and even contained live animals?
15. During what age was modesty greatly
valued, and makeup and showy
clothing discouraged? What was the
only exception?
16. What was a major cause of change in
style, skin care and innovation of the
beauty culture in the twentieth
17. Did the growth of the internet have an
impact on consumer decisions about
products and services?
18. Has the popularity of cosmetic surgical
procedure increased in the late
19. Can an esthetician create a private
label product line?
20. Who must recommend, prescribe, and
administer preparations from a compounding
21. Define an esthetician:
22. What services are provided by a salon or
day spa esthetician?
23. In a medical setting an esthetician can
perform service ranging from pre &
_________________ patients to managing the
skin care department.
24. As a medical aesthetician you will want to
not only learn the basics of skin care but……
25. List the jobs a makeup artist can have.
26. What is the job of a manufacturer
27. What job requires frequent travel, visiting
markets, trade shoes, & manufactures
28. Airports today offer many serviced. List
who they may employ.
29. What are the duties of a school’s director?
30. Who does the school director work with?
31. If an esthetician is interested in product
development what type of further education
classes are needed?
32. The future of esthetics is promising; the
demand is being driven by……….
33. Consumers view personal services and
products as _______________ to their health
& sense of well-being rather than a
34. In the future there will be job
opportunities for estheticians in newer setting
such as……