Extraordinary Meeting 07-MAY-2014

Minutes of an Extra-Ordinary Meeting held on Wednesday 7th May, 2014 in the
Parish Council Offices, Little Wakering Hall Lane, Great Wakering, SS3 0HH,
commencing at 7.30 p.m.
Councillors A Porter (Chairman), R Green, V Brandon, J Misell,
D Efde, L Street, R Loding, L Rodger, B Wilkins, T Goodwin,
S Glover, B Telford.
In Attendance:-
M McCutcheon (Assistant Parish Clerk).
1. The Vice-Chairman of the Council to declare the meeting open.
a) The Vice-Chairman of the Council declared the meeting open.
2. To receive apologies for absence.
a) There were no apologies.
3. To receive declarations of interest.
a) There were no declarations of interest.
The meeting will stand adjourned to permit Parishioners of Great
Wakering to address the Council.
a) Parishioner’s present expressed concern that the emergency cut of the
Burial Ground and St Nicholas Churchyard had not yet been undertaken.
The Chairman explained the emergency cut was still going ahead and the
Parish Council meeting had been called to enable Councillors to decide
who should undertake the work. The Chairman also explained that
members of the public would have to leave the meeting whilst the quotes
were being opened.
5. To authorise Maureen McCutcheon to become the official Financial
Officer until we can employ a new Clerk.
a) Proposed by Councillor A Porter, seconded by Councillor B Wilkins that
Maureen McCutcheon should act as the Parish Council’s Responsible
Finance officer until the new Clerk is appointed.
Members of the public left the meeting while the quotes were opened and a
decision made regarding the emergency cut to the Burial Ground and St
Nicholas Churchyard.
6. The tender documents will now be opened for the cutting of the Great
Wakering Burial Ground and the Churchyard, and to decide who to
award the contract to.
a) The quotations were received from the following contractors:
OJ Services, Essex Garden Care, PJR Services, Crafty Plants, DRP Client
Services. The specification given was to cut the grass in the Burial Ground
and St Nicholas Churchyard and to remove spent tributes.
Proposed by Councillor Goodwin, seconded by Councillor Wilkins that the
work be given to Essex Garden Care. Vote carried.
b) The Chairman also reported complaints were being received regarding the
state of the area surrounding the Village Sign. Maureen McCutcheon to talk
to Paul Ashcroft of Essex Garden Care to action this work.
Members of the public were allowed to re-enter the meeting.
7. To set up a temporary working group to put together all the
amendments to the tender documents to go out at the end of May 2014
and the group will then be disbanded.
a) The following Councillors put their names forward to join the temporary
working group to put together amendments to the tender documents:
Councillor R Green, Councillor V Brandon, Councillor L Street, Councillor L
Rodger, Councillor R Loding.
At the Chairman’s discretion to exchange information.
a) Councillor B Wilkins referred to the Great Wakering Clear Up being held
on the 12th June 2014, and requested that Councillors join parishioners
and the school in this activity.
Councillors A Porter, L Street, R Green and B Telford put forward their
names to participate.
b) Councillor B Telford reported overgrown vegetation on New Road that is
obstructing the footway. Maureen McCutcheon will report this issue to
Essex County Council Highways department.
The meeting closed at 8.10 p.m.