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Reading #2
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What is your first and last name?
Casey Levandowski
Which section are you in?
EDT 180 B
What are the main differences between search engines, subject directories, and meta-search engines?
Search engines are the most used when browsing the internet. While they are good the information you
get from them is from a database that it holds the information. Meta-search engines do not own the
databases like Google or Yahoo. So they can use keywords to search through individual search
engines databases. Meta-search engines are not recommended for searching unless you want more
broad information on the subject of your search. Subject directories are web directories more focused
on a specific subject. When you ae tired of looking through search engines it will help to start looking at
subject directories.
Excluding Google, what are the names of two search engines?
Yahoo search engine and Exalead.
What are the names of two subject directories? and Yahoo!
What is the "Invisible Web?"
The invisible web is the information and databases that you cannot find using search engines and
subject directories.
What are three ways that you can narrow your searches to yield more specific pages?
You can search through specific subject directories to find the information you need, you can also use
phrase searching to help while you browse, and when searching google you can limit your search by
using inurl:cse inurl:cx followed by your subject.
What are three indicators of credibility and/or quality to look for in evaluating a web page you find in the
course of your research?
Subject directories have a lot of credibility because they are limited on a subject and in most cases
people who are experts in that area are the ones who maintain and create the page.
What are the parts of a URL?
Type of file, domain name, path of file, and name of file.
What else did you learn from this reading assignment?
I learned about spiders and how they are the things that search though the web pulling the information
that relates to the keywords in the search engine.