Sexual Trauma Support Group Parton Center for Health and Wellness

Parton Center for Health and Wellness
Sexual Trauma
Support Group
This confidential group will focus on supporting people who have experienced
sexual trauma of any form (sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, harassment,
stalking, etc.). This group is intended to help any students who feel they’ve had a
sexually traumatic experience and are seeking support and further understanding of
the effects of this experience in their lives. In particular, this group is mindful of
the support and help that survivors can provide for one another. We seek to create
a safe and empowering environment where participants can connect with each
other, learn new coping skills and address personal goals.
When: Fridays 2:00-3:30PM
If you are interested email Ximena Mejía
or call Counseling
at 443-5141to set up an appointment to
discuss your interest in participating in this