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9964 Gast Road, Bridgman, MI 49106Phone (269) 465-5432 Fax (269) 466-0221
April 27, 2012
Dear Prospective Drivers Education Parent/Student,
I am writing this letter to inform you that effective June 30, 2012; Bridgman Public
Schools will no longer be providing drivers education programs to our students.
This decision is solely based upon budget and resource constraints being felt by our
school district and many school districts across the State of Michigan.
I recognize the anxiety this decision causes as you begin preparing and planning for
your student drivers training and education future. There are several recognized drivers
training schools/programs in our area. Please contact these schools directly as the
High School Office will not be able to assist you.
Please contact me if you have any additional questions or if I can be of further
Educationally yours,
Shane M. Peters, M.Ed.
“Together, Challenging our Children to Succeed”
North Central Association Accredited Grades K-12