Pre-Entry Fees - Colorado Australian Shepherd Association

Rule effective Feb 1, 2012
Dogs entering the standard jump height classes 20” or less
(wither height less than or equal to 20”) that do not have a permanent ASCA, AKC
or NADAC height card must be measured. Dogs entering 20+” or 24” jump heights
are exempt. Please include a copy of your card with your entry or present your dog
for measuring at check-in.
ASCA Agility Trial (Open to All Breeds of Dogs) July 18, 19, 20, 2014
9755 Henderson Road
Brighton, CO 80601
Indoors on dirt – 2 rings (100’x100’)
Pre-Entry Opening Date: June 9, 2014
Pre-Entry Closing Date: July 11, 2014
(or when limit is reached – limited to 350 runs per
Judge). CASA will accept post entries on Friday,
Saturday & Sunday, July 18, 19, 20, 2014, if runs are
Move-Ups must be received by email by July 11, 2014.
Classes Offered: 2 Rounds Regular, 2 Round Jumpers,
2 Rounds Gamblers each day
Trial Secretary:
Geri Scheidt
[email protected]
Trial Chairperson: Geri Scheidt
[email protected]
Notice that exhibitors, through submission of entries, acknowledge that they are
knowledgeable of and agree to follow ASCA rules and regulations and CASA’s trial
policies, including but not limited to the following:
o This trial is open to all dogs, purebred or otherwise, at least 18 months of age.
o Bitches in heat, lame, or blind dogs are ineligible for entry, as is any dog with a
deformity which may cause the judge to not be able to reasonably assess the
dog’s ability to function and perform the obstacles safely, and in a manner that is
in the best interest, health, and welfare of the dog. Any dog that demonstrates
aggression towards any person or any other dog, whether inside or outside the
ring, must be excused from the trial, as will any dog which the judge feels is not
in enough control to perform all obstacles in a safe manner. Any owner, handler,
or spectator exhibiting poor sportsmanship or abuse towards a dog or person will
be required to leave the show site for the duration of the trial.
o Bitches in heat are not allowed on the trial site. Bitches that come into heat or dogs
that become injured before the closing date may have their entry fees refunded,
less $25.00, pending proof by veterinarian. Refund to be made after the trial
closing date. No other refunds will be made after trial closing date. Overpayments
below $10 will be returned only upon request otherwise such overpayments will
go to Aussie Rescue.
o This show will be held under the current rules and regulations of ASCA. A copy
of the rulebook may be obtained from the ASCA web site at
o No leads, collars, food, toys, etc. shall be permitted on the course at any time.
o All dogs must be on leash or securely crated when not competing in the ring.
o Safety shall always be the foremost consideration in actions by handlers at all times.
o The organizing committee may refuse any entry on the basis expressly provided
through ASCA rules and regulations. Anyone not currently in good standing
with ASCA will not be allowed entry into the trial.
o Participation is a privilege afforded by the Host club(s) and may be extended or
withdrawn by the Host club's trial committee based on suitable cause only.
Refusal of entries shall be reported to the ASCA office.
o Entries must be made on the enclosed entry forms. Copies may be made if entire
form is copied. No other forms will be accepted. Entries must be signed to be
o Make all checks and money orders payable to CASA(Colorado Australian
Shepherd Association ). Returned checks do not constitute a valid entry and there
will be a $35.00 service fee on all returned checks. Entry into future trials and
participation in this trial will not be allowed until all fees are paid in cash or money
order. Illegible or incomplete entry forms do not constitute a valid entry.
o Dog sales or puppies under eight weeks old are not permitted on the trial site.
o CASA, its board of directors, ASCA, management, and Adams County
Government, property owner, assume no responsibility for any loss, damage, or
injury sustained by the exhibitors, handlers, or to any of their dogs, personal
property, and/or children
Friday, Saturday & Sunday (July 18-20, 2014)
7:15-7:45 am—Set-up, check-in and measuring
All dogs needing measuring must be present at 7:30
7:45 am—Judges briefing and walk-thru
8:00 am—First dog on line
Friday: EONEON Gamblers 1 & 2; EEOONN Regular 1&2; EEOONN
Jumpers 1 & 2
Saturday: EEOONN Jumpers 1 &2; EONEON Gamblers 1 & 2; EEOONN
Regular 1& 2
Sunday: EEOONN Regular 1 & 2; EONEON Gamblers 1 & 2; EEOONN
Jumpers 1 & 2
Catalogs/Run Orders: No catalogs will be printed. Run orders will be
posted at the gates. Handlers with multiple dogs will be separated as much as
the class allows.
Cancellation of Entries: Cancellation of entries due to exhibitor request
prior to the trial closing date will be subject to a processing fee of $25. There
will be no refund of any entry fees for cancellation requests made after trial
closing with the exception of bitches in heat and or dog injury. Cancellation
requests after closing date due to injury or bitches in season must be
accompanied by a veterinarian’s letter and will be subject to a process fee of
Move-Ups: Email move-ups will be accepted through 7/11/14. Day-to-day
move-ups WILL be allowed.
Equipment: Slatless teeter; Slatless A-frame and dog walk. Contacts are
rubber coated. Jumps, Tunnels. Weave poles are 24” spacing. Electronic
timing will be used at this event.
Policies & Rules:
◄ Entries received before the opening date WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
◄ Signature required items WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
◄ Entries must be postmarked no later than July 11, 2014
◄ Entries will be accepted on the basis of date received.
◄ After the trial fills, a waiting list will be maintained in the order of
date received.
◄ Entries must be submitted on the forms or copies of the forms supplied
in this premium.
◄ Please include an e-mail address on entry forms to receive
confirmation of pre-entries. Confirmation of entry will be made after
the pre-entry closing date.
◄ Reminder, judges do not have to delay classes for your entry.
◄ CASA reserves the right to amend, correct, change, any information
herein due to errors, omissions, or unforeseen circumstances,
including, but not limited to, judges and/or schedule changes.
◄ Make checks payable to CASA (US Funds only) and mail to:
Geri Scheidt, Entry Clerk
PO Box 556, Kiowa, CO 80117
If you need help completing your entry form, please ask your agility
instructor for assistance or contact the trial secretary.
Pre-Entry Fees
Ribbons/Awards: CASA will award strip ribbons for 1st through 4th
Pre-entry pricing is priced by the run. The more runs you enter, the more you
This includes all dogs in your household that are competing in this trial:
1-9 runs - $13 per run
10-15 runs - $11 per run
16-20 runs - $10 per run
21+ runs - $9 per run
Junior Handler (must enter JH classes only) ½ price off all pricing above.
•Prizes and ribbons must be picked up the day of our trial. CASA
will NOT mail any ribbons or awards.
Day of Show Entry Fees (If runs are available. No quantity discounts.
Entry per dog per run $15
FEO: (For Exhibition Only): FEO entries will be accepted. Dogs over 18
months of age may jump any height. Dogs under 18 months MUST jump at least
4” lower than their standard jump height. FEO dogs will not be eligible for any
prizes or awards. This is a non-qualifying division.
places and ribbons for each qualifying score in the Titling Classes. High In
Trial rosettes and prizes will be awarded to Novice, Open, Elite for the
Standard Division; Junior Handler, Veteran and Over-All.
High In Trial Awards will be calculated using the formula outlined in
Section 2.7.2 of the ASCA Agility Rulebook.
HIT Awards & Ribbons will be on Sunday after
completion of trial and tear down of rings.
Show Veterinarian: Brighton Animal Clinic – 180 East Bromley Lane –
Brighton, CO 80601 (303) 659-2472
After Hours: NORTHSIDE EMERGENCY PET CLINIC – 945 West 124th Ave.,
Westminster, CO 80234 (303) 252-7722
Scribe_____ Timer_______
Leash Runner_____ Jump Setter__________
Comfort Inn (303) 654-1400 15150 Brighton Road – Brighton, CO
Super 8 Motel (303) 650-6063 or (800) 800-8000 15040 Brighton Road –
Brighton, CO
Motel 6 (303) 857-1800 or (800) 466-8356 65 Grand Avenue – Ft. Lupton, CO
Super 8 Motel (303) 451-7200 or (800) 800-8000 12055 Melody Drive –
Westminster, CO
LaQuinta Denver North (303) 252-9800 345 W. 120th Ave – Northglenn, CO
RV Camping – Adams County Fairgrounds – 9755 Henderson Road,
Brighton, CO 80601 - (See camping reservation form included with
premium). Dump station on site at no charge.
Please confirm pet policy when contacting hotels.
Exhibitors are urged to avoid damage to hotel/motel property and the
preserve the hotels/facilities that allow pets, please do not leave dogs
unattended or loose in hotel rooms. Please clean-up your set-up spaces
(indoor and/or outdoor) removing all trash and waste at the trial site.
The Adams County Fairground is located one mile west of U.S. 85 on 124th
Avenue (124th turns into Henderson Road when it crosses the South Platte
 From Denver - Take I-25 North to I-76. Take I-76 to U.S. 85 and take U.S. 85
North to 124th. Turn west on 124th and go one mile to the entrance of the
park. The museum entry is to the west of the Regional Park entry.
 From Ft. Collins - Take I-25 South to Highway 7, take Highway 7 East to U.S.
85 in Brighton. Take U.S. 85 South to 124th. Turn west on 124th and go one
mile to the entrance of the park.
Use Google Maps for best directions from your location.
Course Build______ Gate Steward________
Lunch tickets for use at Concessions will be issued to
(Please print and include with your entry
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