Howe Academic Geography
Unit 2 Test Review
Topics Covered
Physical Geography
Layers of the Earth
Plate Tectonics
Continental Drift
Earthquakes and Volcanoes
The Rock Cycle
Tectonic Forces
Gradational Forces
Canada’s Landform Regions
Key Terms and Ideas
Physical geography/diversity
Core, Mantle, Crust
Lithosphere, Plate Boundaries (Transform/Convergent/Divergent)
Vulcanism, Folding, Faulting, Focus, Epicenter
Magma, Igneous Rock, Sedimentary Rock, Metamorphic Rock
Weathering, Erosion, Deposition, Pressure
Shield, Highlands, and Lowlands (regions, characteristics)
What to Expect on the Test:
Multiple Choice
True or False
Fill in the blank/Matching
Short Answers
Sample questions: The questions may be asked in MC format, T/F format, or Fill in
the blank format.
1. Label the layers of the Earth
2. Out of the 3 main layers of the Earth:
Which one is the thinnest?
Which one is the hottest?
Which one contains magma?
3. What is Pangaea?
4. Where do mountains form and major earthquakes happen?
5. What are the 4 main types of rocks?
6. What are the 4 pieces of evidence to explain continental drift? Explain them.
7. Why does Toronto have so few earthquakes?
8. Explain how the following rocks form:
How does Marble form?
How does Sandstone form?
How does Granite form?
9. The number of Landform regions in Canada is?
10. Canada’s largest landform region is?
11. The landform region that we live in is?
12. Canada’s oldest landform region is?
13. Which of Canada’s highland regions is the youngest? Oldest?
14. Tectonic plates are:
15. What are the 3 tectonic forces?
16. What are the 4 gradational forces?
17. What are agents of weathering? Erosion?
18. Where do earthquakes and volcanoes occur?
19. What is subduction zone?
20. What happens when two continental plates collide? When a continental plate
and an oceanic plate collide? When plates pull apart?
21. What is a convergent boundary? Divergent boundary? Transform boundary?
These questions may be asked for communication or thinking and inquiry.
Explain what the economic, social, political and environmental impacts would be of
a natural disaster such as an earthquake or volcano.
Create a diagram depicting the complex rock cycle. Explain how sedimentary rock is
formed and then its transformation into metamorphic rock.
Identify and briefly describe any 3 agents of weathering. Which two agents of
weathering are responsible for potholes in Toronto’s roads each spring, and why?
Explain what happens when two continental plates collide? When a continental
plate and an oceanic plate collide? When plates pull apart?