Faculty Cluster Hires ()

Program Update July 2015
Office of the Provost
Program Update
Program Description
The Office of the Provost announced the Faculty Cluster Hires Program in FY12-13. This initiative
provided an opportunity to invest in areas that spanned multiple disciplines and contributed to
Purdue’s national and global leadership. Proposals were approved for clusters in areas of existing
strength or in emerging areas of significance. The goal of this initiative was to position the University
for growth in the discovery enterprise, to attract faculty who would train the interdisciplinary
faculty/scholars of the future, and that would attract students, other faculty, and staff who will define
the disciplines of tomorrow.
Approved clusters were designed to attract:
 Faculty who could be jointly appointed by at least two colleges or distinct disciplines
 Faculty whose work will enhance an existing strategic Purdue strength, or
 Faculty who together create an emerging multi-disciplinary cluster of distinction.
Proposal and Approval Process
Cluster proposals included:
Up to six faculty lines
Faculty from at least two different colleges or distinct academic disciplines
A list of search committee members who would represent all participating units in the cluster
A completed Cluster Hire Proposed Funding Plan
Designated faculty lead or contact
Targeted outcomes (e.g., a new center, degree program or major grants).
Evidence of how the proposed cluster would enhance Purdue’s reputation as a global leader
in either the emerging or existing strength.
Financial Resources
Each proposal included a completed Cluster Hire Proposed Funding Plan with the estimated salary
costs of the proposed hire(s) as well as anticipated start-up costs. Start-up funding is subject to the
same reporting and expenditure policies as established for the annual allocations from the Provost
Faculty Start-up Fund. The funding plans included both the request for Provost funding and the
support that was provided by the participating units. All units participating in this program were
expected to contribute to the proposal costs. In addition, funding plans may have incorporated
resources from other programs that support faculty hiring (e.g. Leading Faculty Program, Strategic
Hiring Initiative, Bridge Fund, etc.) Due to the anticipated uniqueness of each proposal, funding
plans were considered on a case by case basis to allow maximum opportunities.
All funding allocated for the Faculty Cluster Hires Program have been committed to currently
approved clusters.
Fourteen clusters have been awarded. Approved clusters include:
Next Generation Manufacturing
Integrated Imaging
Predictive Science
Computational and Systems Biology
Big Data
Animal Welfare Science
Sustainable Communities
AMO Physics
Methodologies for Social, Behavioral, and Heath Sciences