Joan Fishman
Literature F
Theme Layers for in the house of the scorpion by Nancy Farmer
My Family
One time I got asked if I wanted to go to this
party or to a band rehearsal. The party was
going to be amazing because my entire
generation was going to attend. I was afraid if I
missed my band rehearsal my teacher was going
to get really upset at me. I had to make the right
choice to attend to the party for a little while,
and then, go to the rehearsal. Because if I did
not go I knew that my future would not be as
positive as if I stayed at the party and it made
me a better musician, plus, I did not let my band
mates down,
Three years ago, my parents got divorced. It was
very sad for me, but I had to stay strong. My
parents knew that what they chose was the right
decision for my whole family. If their choices had
been badly made, they could have ended in court,
hating each other. Instead, they talked and
discuss, agreeing on what was best for them.
Now, because of the decisions they took, they are
really good friends, making my siblings and I
very happy.
Theme in the house of the scorpion: Be careful with the choices you make.
My Community
My Nation
I love my school. The bullying here is taken
really seriously and it is not allowed. I
remember one time I saw a kid get cyber bullied
and I stood up for him knowing that the choice I
took was making me a better person. The victim
was very weak and did not have the courage to
stand up for himself. I wrote to the bully saying
that it was not nice what he was saying. He
understood and said I was right.
When Oscar Arias was the president of Costa
Rica, he made negotiated with another
government and caused a lot of shark fining.
Because of that choice, the food chain of the
Costa Rican oceans changed. The worst thing is,
the only part that people eat is the fin and throw
the rest of the animal away. I think that any small
and insignificant choice, can make a big effect.